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Senior News, Science & Technology | October 24, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

2019 Innovator of the Year Bronze Award Recipient

The 2019 McKnight’s Technology Awards competition endeavors to acknowledge contributors in the Senior Living industry who have employed technology in the effort to increase the quality of life for their residents. All entries for this extremely competitive contest were judged by an independent panel of senior living and skilled nursing experts. To be chosen as one of the honorees is both a notable accomplishment and feat in advancing the knowledge and utilization of technology in Senior Living. Carlton Senior Living is honored to be presented with the prestigious Bronze Award for Innovator of the Year in the 2019 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards competition.

We are recognized as Innovator of the Year for the pioneering technology surrounding the SafelyYou program, which allows senior communities to see often precisely what has happened when a fall has occurred in the apartment of a resident. Not only does the technology enable the community to determine the root cause of the fall, but it also supports our ability to act immediately, thus preventing a recurrence. Within the SafelyYou program, the embedded artificial intelligence only records and sends an alert when a fall has been detected with a high degree of certainty, mitigating privacy concerns, and maintaining the resident’s confidentiality. The team at SafelyYou was an essential asset in helping to explain how these cameras would be installed, used, and how they would provide assurance for the resident’s privacy. Throughout the installation process, the SafelyYou team ensured that they worked with our communities, as well as the participating families, to ensure that the installation did not disrupt our resident’s daily lives. They prioritized that their work would not impact the quality of life of our residents and visits with family and friends.

The creators of SafelyYou founded their focus on generating this technology based on the understanding of how falls can impact the individual, their diagnosis/disease progression, and how an unnecessary trip to the emergency room can affect this progression and, ultimately, the individual’s quality of life. The partnership and commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents was a pivotal contributing factor for Carlton Senior Living to be the first to pilot the SafelyYou program on a larger scale company wide.

The partnership that we at Carlton Senior Living have with SafelyYou and its program allow us the opportunity to be an integral part of this innovative technology, thus further supporting our resident’s quality of life and our commitment to providing a person-centered care approach. This program has an extremely high participation rate by families with loved ones in memory care because they see the value. After the research study showed a 31% reduction in falls and 61% less likely to call EMS services, Carlton Senior Living decided to make the program available to all Memory Care residents. Most of our Carlton communities have a 90-100% opt-in rate from their resident’s responsible parties to participate. With the integration of SafelyYou, we have seen great success with a reduction in emergency room visits and a reduction in resident falls/injuries related to these events.

Fall prevention has been a topic of discussion for most residents and families throughout the transition to and progression of the aging process. Our company, others in the field, and those directly involved or impacted by the aging process have spent countless hours on interventions, preventative measures, and resources in the hopes of minimizing falls and the risks associated with them. SafelyYou and their real-time fall detection have provided us with the tools to successfully achieve this goal. By using video footage to detect a fall when it happens, it allows our employees as well as SafelyYou to analyze the data and determine causes, trends, and ultimately, what measures can be put in place to prevent fall re-occurrence. The immediate benefit of SafelyYou is that it allows us to determine how severe the fall is if the resident could have injured themselves and if they need to receive immediate medical attention prompting an emergency room visit. We understand that with a memory impairment diagnosis, the vulnerability for a resident will increase as the disease progresses.


At Carlton Senior Living, we have purposefully built our Memory Care communities with a focus on person-centered care. We are committed to love, honor, and provide for each resident to ensure they maintain the best quality of life and to prioritize their safety.