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Senior News, Science & Technology | September 23, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Carlton Reduces Resident Falls by 31% with SafelyYou

an estimated 80% of falls in dementia care are unwitnessedFalls and fear of falling are often a big part of the decision for a resident and their family to choose assisted living. In assisted living, a care team can support making sure the right protections are in place, and if anything does happen, trained personnel are there to help. For residents with dementia who cannot necessarily advocate for themselves, it can be challenging for care staff to design effective fall management plans. This is one reason that adults living with dementia in assisted living and skilled nursing communities fall nearly twice as often as those without dementia. Moreover, an estimated 80% of falls in dementia care are unwitnessed, usually happening at night. Since every unwitnessed fall could have resulted in a head injury, care staff often must call emergency services. Falls quickly turn into major events and are stressful for residents and their families. They are also very expensive, with ER visits costing families $500-$1000 out of pocket.

Wellness programs and other fall prevention programs are challenging to adapt to memory care, where adherence is usually limited, or devices are seldom worn. Current technologies like bed alarms and wearables are often purely reactive in nature, only alerting staff after a fall has happened or providing data with little actionable insight. They do not provide a way to prevent falls or the frequent use of Emergency Medical Services. It is time for a new approach.

Carlton Senior Living joined forces with SafelyYou to uncover exactly how the 230 residents in their seven memory care communities were falling. They wanted to figure out a way to truly reduce falls, keep residents out of the ER, and give family members peace of mind.

Read the full report to learn how Carlton has reduced resident falls by 31% with SafelyYou:







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