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Senior News, Science & Technology | June 14, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Technology Partnerships & Collaborations

At this year’s California Assisted Living Association, CALA, Spring 2018 Conference a topic of discussion highlighted was the use of technology in Assisted Living and how certain partnerships and collaborations can lead to innovation among generations. Our very own Director of Memory Care Operations, Allison Groves, was asked to discuss this topic alongside Sheri Peifer, Senior Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer at Eskaton as well as Cynthia Williams who works in Operation Services at Kisco Senior Living.

We at Carlton Senior Living are pleased to share with you some of the main points from their discussion and highlight the technology partnerships that we have chosen to embark on. 

It is important to recognize that the collaborative partnership with any vendor, especially concerning technology, is more profound than just the implementation phase. Throughout the start-up process, it is crucial to understand key components of that journey. During the seminar, the panel discussed how best to lay the foundation for success by introducing the main elements of this process.

The pilot process will begin once you have identified the partnerships you hope to work with. It is essential to plan for the implementation by identifying potential challenges that could be faced. One, in particular, is to ensure that you maintain appropriate regulatory compliance throughout the process, by doing so you must consider privacy for the residents, clients, family members and staff. Becoming adaptable to scenarios will benefit you when working with residents and staff. Allowing you to transition with the participants and meet them where they are at is a definite asset to the success of your pilot project. Certain cultural aspects will need to be considered for change and revisions as well. Managing your expectations of the process will help you to evaluate the execution of the project at various stages. Collecting data will assist you in initiating measurements of change that can adapt the program towards potentially increasing participation and modifying technology aspects.

Allison Groves shared with us that her goal was to encourage other senior living companies to partner with technology start-ups to help develop products that are specifically designed to meet the resident’s needs. Allison speaks from direct experience having held an instrumental role in implementing two Memory Care tech start-up pilots at Carlton Senior Living: Sensassure and SafelyYou.

Sensassure piloted in the Memory Care at our Carlton Senior Living San Leandro community. The device is a sensor that goes on the outside of a brief (adult incontinence product) and alerts the staff when the brief has become soiled. A goal of this innovative product is to help prevent the staff from waking the resident when they do not need continence assistance during the evening hours. The team at Sensassure lived in the community and took the time to connect with our residents, even playing poker with our Assisted Living residents weekly.

When Allison had asked Sameer, the lead on the Sensassure team,
what the most significant benefit of working with Carlton in the
early stages of development was, the response was direct yet thoughtful;
“it helped us build the RIGHT product, not just A product.”

Our second pilot,SafelyYou, was implemented in the seven memory care communities for Carlton Senior Living, which began in 2017 in our Davis community. During the studies, motion-activated cameras were placed in the rooms of the participants and footage from the cameras were reviewed when a fall had been recorded to assess the situation and to evaluate the cause of each fall. Having the opportunity to observe falls that may have otherwise gone unwitnessed offered Carlton associates and the UC Berkeley Research Team an understanding of how and why each fall occurred and allowed for preventative measures to be put in place to help lower the risk of future falls.

George, lead on the SafelyYou team shared his viewpoint on the project,
“For the assisted living industry to see solutions that really meet their needs companies must step forward and work with start-ups in the early stage or these companies won’t survive to develop products for the industry.”Carlton Senior Living was honored to be one of those companies to SafelyYou.