Carlton’s Memory Care Signature Programs Are Failure-Free

Our Memory Care program is founded on four pillars: Dignity, Imagination, Sensory, and Choice

These pillars promote autonomy and respect for all of our residents, their families and our staff. Our Memory Care Signature Programs help to promote a failure-free environment by offering an optimal approach to resident engagement.

These are just a few of Carlton’s Memory Care Signature Programs:

Quarterly Creations are creative interpretations of classic works of art handcrafted by our Memory Care residents. Each calendar quarter we choose a famous piece of artwork that becomes the focus of a creative expression piece brought to life by the residents. After examining the famous work of art, residents create their own interpretation of it and with help from the staff physically bring their new piece of art to life. The collective imagination of the residents leads to the creation of the project which is broken down into simple steps over multiple sessions. This allows residents to create a work of art that is failure-free.

Timeslips is a failure-free program that encourages residents to use their imagination to create short stories about unique photos. A facilitator at each community is certified in TimeSlips improvisation techniques designed to engage the residents and incorporate all of their ideas into a one-of-a-kind short story. The ability to imagine remains relatively intact as dementia progresses because it does not rely on one’s ability to recall information. This program focuses on the strengths of the residents and their ability to create.

Drum Circles engage residents in a sensory experience through music, rhythm, and touch. Residents have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of percussion instruments during sessions and even make their own instruments. Drum circles allow residents who are hard of hearing or nonverbal to engage in music because it does not rely on verbal communication but on feeling the rhythm.

SingFit is a failure-free program created by music therapists to connect and engage residents in music therapy. The SingFit program promotes engagement in music through sound, sight, and touch. Programming staff in each of our Memory Care communities are trained and certified to facilitate therapeutic music sessions. These sessions consist of themed playlists, songs from a variety of genres, trivia, props, and group-led movements. The ability to process music is centered in a part of the brain that remains relatively intact as dementia progresses, allowing all residents to participate.

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