Four Simple New Year’s Resolutions For Seniors

New Year, Fresh Start!

Four Simple New Year's Resolutions For Seniors

The start of a new year often inspires us to make much-needed changes in our lives and offers the opportunity for a fresh start. For seniors who want to improve their physical and mental health, the start of a new year signifies the beginning of positive change. Whether you prefer to set small goals for yourself or approach each new year as an opportunity for a complete life “makeover,” here are four simple resolution ideas to help you kick-start the year:   Resolution #1 – Make Healthier Food Choices When it comes to senior nutrition, eating fresh fruits and vegetable that are rich in nutrients is the best way to go. Eating fewer proces …

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Resident Spotlight - Reba Susi

Carlton Senior Living Davis spotlights resident Reba Susi and her incredible life story. Reba was born on February 19, 1923 to parents Dalton Dylan and Lilly Kennedy Dylan in the small town of Oak Hill, Tennessee, a suburb south of Nashville. Her parents had a land lease and migrated down from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by way of Virginia, to settle in the area. She was fortunate to have five siblings: brothers DW, James, and William, and sisters Marie Pugh and Jane Ray. Reba met and married her husband, Samuel Curri, who was the Resident Inspector for Chance Vought Aircraft in Stratford, CT, during World War II. Reba was employed there as a se …

by Jonita Dixon

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Celebrating the Holidays with Our Local Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts troop #506 made their annual holiday visit to Carlton San Leandro to sing Christmas carols for our residents, which of course spread many smiles. Troop #506 is from our local Roosevelt Elementary School. This beloved tradition came on a very special day for the Scouts, being that it was their 75th anniversary of being a chartered troop. Congratulations! We’re so happy to have been able to celebrate your special milestone together! We’re already looking forward to having you visit our community again soon. Happy 75th Anniversary Troop #506 Troop #506 singing us Christmas carols. Read more about the Entertainment and Events at Carlto …

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Diablo Ballet Visit - The Nutcracker - San Leandro

Carlton Senior Living San Leandro received a very special visit from Oakland’s Diablo Ballet. The stars of the Nutcracker shared their history with the ballet, their daily routines, and what it takes to prepare for this iconic holiday tradition. They ended with three performances, including the unforgettable Flower Dance, the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and Waltz of the Snowflakes. It was a nostalgic and enjoyable evening for all. Learn more about the great Entertainment and Events offered in our Carlton Senior Living communities.

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Memory Care for Seniors with Alzheimer's & Dementia

Is Your Senior Loved One Hiding Dementia?

Discovering that their loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is a shock for many different families. Sometimes the person seems fine for a long period of time, only for the family to find out that the person’s mind is confused the next. It is important to understand that these issues do not happen overnight. It might be possible for families to overlook these issues, because they happen so gradually. It is imperative that you know what to look for to determine whether your loved one is hiding memory issues. Sign #1 – Trouble With Logical Thinking Some seniors might have issues with simple tasks, including doing math or balancing a che …

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How To Cope With A Decreasing Sense Of Smell

How To Cope With A Decreasing Sense Of Smell

There are millions of Americans over the age of 55 who have a problem with their sense of smell. In fact, it is a problem that affects around 24 percent of seniors. Presbyosmia – the loss of smell – is not preventable. There are a number of unexpected ways that it can affect a senior’s life and here are a few different issues related to losing your sense of smell that you might not have thought about before.   Food May Taste Differently – Problems With Eating When you have a head cold, you may have experienced that your food no longer tasted as flavorful as it had prior to becoming ill. That’s because your olfactory cells are unable to d …

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Basic Facts About Medicare

Chances are that you have heard of Medicare – chances are that you qualify for Medicare. But what IS Medicare? Why do you need it? And what are your coverage options? Before enrolling in Medicare coverage, we are going to look at a few different basic facts that seniors have to know about. Different Benefits With Different Plans There are a number of different Medicare insurance options, what are the different options that you have? These are the different aspects of Medicare that you might deal with. Original Medicare – These cover basic medical and hospital care, and are also known as Parts A and B. You will be automatically enrolled in Par …

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Tools To Assist Seniors Who Experience Tremors

Tools To Assist Seniors Who Experience Tremors

There are around half a million seniors who struggle with Parkinson’s disease (PD), according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). One of the primary symptoms for people with this neurological disorder is tremors. Daily life tasks can prove to be quite difficult when these seniors have no control over these shakes. Fortunately, it is possible to promote healthy living despite these symptoms, thanks to many helpful tools. These are a few of our favorite examples:   Tool #1 – Switch Enlargers People who have tremors might have a hard time manipulating switches. Both arthritis and Parkinson’s disease can lead to weakness of your fing …

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Veterans Day 2016 - San Leandro

Veteran’s at Carlton Senior Living San Leandro gathered to be honored on this Veteran’s Day with a special pinning ceremony. We began with saluting the flag while pledging the allegiance.  Each Veteran was then recognized with a certificate of appreciation, and a gold American flag pin. Residents shared their stories of triumphs and tribulations, shared their metals and memorabilia and most moving of all, their appreciation for one another. We truly honor their service and all that they have given to our country. Please enjoy the photo gallery below:

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Veterans Day 2016 - Concord

We salute our veterans here at Carlton Senior Living Concord. On Veteran’s Day, we honored and thanked the brave men and women who have served our country and celebrated their service with a festive barbecue. We also unveiled our new Wall of Honor which proudly displays images of residents who have served in the armed forces.

by Jonita Dixon

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Residents of CSL Downtown Pleasant Hill Appreciate our Firefighters!

Thank You Firefighters - Downtown Pleasant Hill

Residents and associates at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill packaged pumpkin spice and apple harvest cookies and delivered them to the local fire station as a way to thank our special men and women in service. Some of the residents also walked to the fire station and other were able to tag along in the Carlton bus. The residents really enjoyed doing something special for their local firefighters and the firefighters certainly enjoyed the tasty treats.

by Jonita Dixon

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Carlton San Leandro's Night at the Opera

Carlton Senior Living San Leandro residents, family and associates dressed to the nines to celebrate a wonderful “night at the opera.” The night began with a formal cocktail social, including a music of the night martini bar followed by a candle lit prime rib dinner in the dining room. The evening was ended with an unforgettable performance of Opera singer Chris Pucci’s rendition of Phantom of the Opera. What a spectacular Carlton event!

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