Resident Spotlight – Gerdi Lynagh

CSL Spotlight Resident, Gerdi Lynagh

Resident Spotlight - Gerdi Lynagh

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Gerdi Lynagh­­ — Gerdi was born in 1924 in Hanover, Germany. Her father worked for a company that made leather belts for big machinery and her mother was a happy housewife. Gerdi had one brother who was 15 months her junior and the family lived in a big apartment with many other kids. Gerdi graduated from high school at the age of 16 at which point she had to choose whether to be drafted into the military or work in a factory. During her time in the military, she attended Radio Operators School in the midst of World War II. After graduating from the program in 1941, she was sent to Lithuania to …

by Denee Naro

Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill, Resident Spotlight

Resident Spotlight - Doris Miller

Miracles never cease! Many years ago in 1936, 12 of us girls bonded together and became the Fidelis Club at University High School in Oakland. Incidentally we were all the same age that year. Our purpose was to provide special services to our community, but it turned out out that we too were recipients: of lasting friendship, loyalty and fidelity over our lifetime.

by Jonita Dixon

Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill, Resident Spotlight

Resident Spotlight - Reba Susi

Carlton Senior Living Davis spotlights resident Reba Susi and her incredible life story. Reba was born on February 19, 1923 to parents Dalton Dylan and Lilly Kennedy Dylan in the small town of Oak Hill, Tennessee, a suburb south of Nashville. Her parents had a land lease and migrated down from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by way of Virginia, to settle in the area. She was fortunate to have five siblings: brothers DW, James, and William, and sisters Marie Pugh and Jane Ray. Reba met and married her husband, Samuel Curri, who was the Resident Inspector for Chance Vought Aircraft in Stratford, CT, during World War II. Reba was employed there as a se …

by Jonita Dixon

Carlton Senior Living Davis, Resident Spotlight