I hope this letter finds you and your family well. I’m writing to ask you please distribute these letters of gratitude on behalf of Soni and myself. It has taken all of this time for me to start to realize the extent of her absence in our lives due in part to the amount of work I’ve done to plan and carry out her official celebration of life ceremony on Jan 22nd, but also to the continued process of closing her trust. We are adjusting to the big change of Soni not being here with us- we have and continue to share so many memories of her that we keep her present in our hearts.

Each of these letters is an attempt to convey my gratitude and heartfelt thank you for the extraordinary caring and participation of yourself and your amazing staff in our lives over these past years. Your staff is not only very diverse, but the level of skill, instinct, creativity, care and authenticity each staff member brought to our relationships with them is unparalleled. The list of people who were so important to Soni’s health and well-being is a long one. However, the people whom I have brought to you attention herein with these letters are care providers and that their exemplary work needed to be recognized further. As for myself, I am still sometimes overcome with emotion when I am thinking back over the many times I have been so distraught, tired and disillusioned but to my deep relief the burden of all of that became lessened when I problem solved with one of the members of your staff. Experience has shown me that we cannot go through this life all alone, and having the support of the accumulated wealth of knowledge and experience that is demonstrated every day at Carlton Senior Living has been extraordinary and actually life changing for me. I think that there will never be a bar set higher on what the quality of life could and should be since our experience with all of you!

I can think of so many examples of the levels of one’s life that are acknowledged and given attention by your incredibly comprehensive management. It seems similar to that comparison of the peeled onion. Every level reveals a different aspect of a person’s life to be examined and given appropriate energy. It was clear that Soni would require a support team that would cover all areas of expertise from your staff with the diseases she was battling. Soni and I both felt that those various levels of her life were acknowledged while living there, and she was able to carry out her hobbies, socialize, engage in family activities and live a meaningful life. Soni really loved living at Carlton Senior Living!

Victor and I would welcome any future dialog with you or other members of your management staff regarding our experiences during the years Soni resided at Carlton Senior Living. Thank you for delivering these letters and for the excellent work that you do.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Leslie Guillot