My heartfelt thanks to the entire staff of Carlton Senior Living, past and present, for the loving care that my parents received during the final years of their lives. You can never know what a comfort it was to me to know that when I could not be with them, they were surrounded by people who loved them and cared for them as people, not just “clients. I know that I cannot list (or even remember) every act of kindness, but I want to make sure to give thanks:

To Sheila, for being my first contact, my port in the storm, and helping me take the weight off my shoulders that first day.

To Lorena, for watching over my folks and keeping me informed, and helping all of us make transitions between the various stages of their lives at Carlton.

To Geoffrey, for always giving my mom the cheery greeting that brightened her day and made her feel special.

To Raj, for wonderful meals, for providing my dad with supplies to keep his breakfasts “independent” and for handling the champagne on their anniversary, and to his staff for their attention to Mom and Dad’s food needs and wants, and their smiling faces and friendly greetings each day at meals.

To Amber, for her warm attention for both Dad (who loved to flirt with her!) and Mom.

To Veronica, for being such a lively presence with a sense of style that always gave my mom so much joy to see.

To Joycelynn and Kris, for watching over Mom and helping her to maximize the quality of her life and remain the woman she was.

To all the reception staff, who greeted me with warmth, always seemed to know who I was and we so friendly and helpful handling Dad’s calls and requests when he was still there.

To Gloria and the nursing and medication staff, for their gentle care for mom, and for stepping in when needed to make sure both Mom and Dad’s medical needs were attended to.

To the many, many PCs that care for (and about) both my parent but especially for Mom, allowing her to still feel like (and be) the beautiful woman that she always was, and for giving SO much love to both her and Dad. Forgive me for not listing names, but please know that you are all so very special.

To Gary and his crew, who chatted with Dad about repairs, helped us with recommendations for equipment and helped me move things when I needed an extra hand.

To the laundry and housekeeping staff, for keeping their clothes and surroundings bright and attractive.

AND thanks to you all for the support you’ve given me during tough times- I will never forget it, or you.

You all do your jobs with such care and love, and as you obviously know, even the briefest interaction with residents can have such a huge impact on their happiness. I have been so moved, and learned so much about how to treat others from observing you in your work with the residents of Carlton Senior Living.

I can only hope that if I reach a point where I need care, that I can be somewhere where I am treated with the kind of love and respect that Carlton Senior Living gave my parents. Please never lose sight of how well you do this for all your residents!

With love and deepest gratitude,
Debbie Kramer