Mom surely enjoyed the Ball. She says someone got her up to dance even and she loved all the different “nationalities food!” She said Hedy was dressed for the occasion. Regretfully, mom forgot to put on her Halloween shirt and socks but that will be ready for next year and possibly she will graduate to costume. She sure must have had the time of her life because our strict instructions was that she is tired, do not call or visit tonight because she is “alright” “going to sleep” and “will rest tomorrow”. She says she took a picture.

Hedy, and all… thanks to all of you!

Oh, my son visited last night with Mary Helen, Mom and I and he is surely impressed with his grandmother’s new community and her studio and could see the life in her spirit and her laughter. Our sister in law’s phone message is that while she misses mom and hears the lack of stress in her voice and that she is so happy she is here. It certainly takes a village… for our kids and our elderly. Thank God for our Carlton Village.

Be Blessed!