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  • Very generous staff!

    on Location: Pleasant Hill - Martinez
    by Aimee Evans

    Very generous staff! Went here a while ago to inquire about a couple of things and well, they were so very warm and kind. It felt so great… like seriously, all you need is real people treating with oodles of warmth to melt your heart away. That’s what Carlton has got! Very nice! Read more »

  • Carlton, thanks a ton for whatever you guys are doing!

    on Location: Concord
    by Andrea Jordan

    We have our 87 year old grandfather staying here for more than a year now. And yeah (as his little granddaughter), I feel happy seeing him so good. He still looks so enthusiastic about life and his health (grandpa, happy to see you smiling) – which unfortunately was missing earlier. They say the basic necessities are important to be met, but I am grateful that Carlton Senior Living is taking good care of all the aspects of the seniors’ life. Very much appreciated! Read more »

  • Great senior living company

    on Page: Thank You For Contacting Me!
    by Betty G

    I have toured many different assisted living communities but I have to say that Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill was very warm and inviting with a staff that genuinely cared. I also ate lunch there and I have to say they have the best homemade soup I have had in a long time. Read more »

  • Wonderful Retirement Community

    on Page: Home
    by Betty Shrine

    Thank you to the Carlton Senior Living managers and team, for all of the care, patience, time and efforts you put in to helping my father, he was a blessed and happy man until he passed in March. My husband and I appreciate all that you did for him. We really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending us flowers on his funeral. Thanks again! Read more »

  • The community is absolutely beautiful and very well laid out

    on Location: Elk Grove
    by Betty Turndow

    First off, the community is absolutely beautiful and very well laid out. Secondly the food is AMAZING! Thirdly the staff were very friendly and helpful. Thumbs up. Read more »

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