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  • I can't say enough good things about Poet's Corner.

    on Location: Pleasant Hill - Dedicated Memory Care
    by Lin T.

    My mom came there in September of 2018 and has gotten excellent care ever since. At the place where she was prior to this, we had issues of UTIs, anger and aggression on her part because of the way she was being "handled", and rooms that were not cleaned well. Here, she is clean, her room is clean, the staff is caring and kind and she is content. It's not a fancy place with a big sweeping entryway and fancy furniture, it is a bit more modest. But the people who work here are dedicated to the care of the residents...I NEVER see anyone on their cell phone. Read more »

  • Daughter to Doris Miller

    on Post: A Treasure Earned on Treasure Island by Resident, Doris Miller
    by Peg Miller-Guerrieri

    Thank you JC for running this wonderful piece written by my beloved Mom. The photos add the perfect touch to this oh-so-sweet memory and story. Thank You, Peg Read more »

  • Ms.

    on Post: Mindfulness Based Therapy
    by Wendy Truxel

    Samantha was pivotal in helping me get through chronic pain. We did several sessions in my room. We became good friends. I miss her terribly. Read more »

  • Yum!

    on Post: Mary's Banana Nut Bread Recipe
    by David

    Looks Delish! Read more »

  • PEM

    on Post: Pablo & Adelaide's Secret to Love
    by Jagruti

    How Beautiful! Read more »

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