Alzheimers Care Sacramento Senior ManWhen someone you love is suffering from Alzheimer’s they will have many different care challenges that you will have to face if you decide to care for them on your own. They will need help with all house hold jobs such as cleaning, cooking and paying bills. They will also need help with bathing themselves and remembering to take their medications. They will also need to be watched twenty four hours a day to ensure they stay safe and do not wonder off on their own. Caring for a loved on is very stressful and can lead to many relationship problems and cause you to resent your loved one. If you do not want to go through all of this help is just right around the corner at Alzheimer’s Care Sacramento.


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When you receive Alzheimer’s Care Sacramento you will no longer have to worry about security because they have special monitoring systems that watch each entrance and exit so that no one gets in or out with out the knowledge of the staff. We also have smaller environments that help provide your loved one with superior care that dementia patience need due to the challenges that they bring with them because of the memory problems.

We use state of the art sensory integration and therapeutic tools during therapy sessions so that your loved one can get the best care possible. We also provide many social activities so that the residents can socialize with each other on a daily basis. Not only will they be socializing but they will also be staying busy with things to do so they do not get bored and just sit around.

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Our apartments are alcove and companion living suites meaning your loved one will be pared with a room mate in their room so that they are never alone. Pairing the residents with someone will give them the opportunity to have friends and be social on a daily basis. Plus they will be able to help each other when it comes to doing things such as cleaning up or going places in the building.

Once your loved one is with us you will no longer need to worry about what type of care they will be receiving because they will be getting the best care they can. We will make sure each of our residents get individualized care so that you as their family member can stop worrying and just be their family once again.