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Veterans | October 18, 2020 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Frank Hopkins

Meet Frank Hopkins, Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident – Francis “Frank” Hopkins was born June 6, 1942 in Lowell, Massachusetts to parents Frank and Kay Hopkins. Frank fondly remembers being a troublemaker as a kid. He also remembers being fascinated with photography; he wanted to become a photographer when he grew up. Frank still enjoys taking photographs at Carlton Davis events!

Frank went to Lowell High School and the University of Miami. He joined the Air Force, during the Vietnam War, and served about four years. He was stationed on Crete and worked as a broadcaster for the same radio station that was portrayed in the movie “Good Morning, Vietnam.” After his time in the Air Force, he finished his education at UC San Diego.

After college, Frank continued his career in radio. He moved to Sacramento to work on then-governor Ronald Reagan’s press staff. Frank is particularly proud of a photo he has of him and Reagan shaking hands. After working for Reagan, he stayed on at the California State Capitol. He was essentially in charge of radio press releases; he would interview legislators and relay the information to local news stations, who would then use Frank’s information in their own broadcasts. He was able to incorporate his love of photography into the job, as he was also sometimes asked to take photographs. He is proud of being friends with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

He and his late wife, Cindy, had one daughter, Christina. Frank has a lot of respect for Christina; she is inquisitive and very smart. He describes her as “always wanting to learn new things.” Frank, Cindy, and Christina enjoyed taking road trips together; they often went back east to visit Lowell and Boston. He has one granddaughter, Kira. Frank moved to Davis in 2018 to be closer to Christina.

Frank describes himself as funny, helpful, and smart. He loves just about any “good food.” His favorite dessert is dark chocolate; Frank is especially fond of Dove Chocolate. He likes dancing, music and telling jokes. When asked for advice he would pass along to others, he suggests the advice he always gave his daughter, “never get a tattoo!”

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Written by Ben Slade, Resident Liaison at Carlton Senior Living Davis