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Carlton Senior Living Communities

For more than 25 years, Carlton Senior Living has been committed to empowering seniors through our continuum of care services and senior living options.
assisted living executivesOur Northern California Senior Apartments, Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities are the foundation for seniors and their families, and our caregiver services are the tools they use to live well each day. They choose how much or how little assistance they need from our staff. To that end we offer an array of caregiver services to support residents’ every day needs, such as transportation, dining, and laundry and housekeeping services. But we also aim to nurture all aspects of their lifestyle by offering choices in entertainment, recreation, exercise, and spa and salon services. As a resident’s health needs change, so does our level of support, in fact, we offer state of the art dementia and Alzheimer’s Memory Care services for seniors who require around the clock attention. We don’t want you to just move in, we want you to move home.

If necessary there are a variety of properties under the Carlton Senior Living umbrella of services that allow residents to move seamlessly between care options. Our caregiver Services for seniors section will better acquaint you with what we offer whereas our Find Senior Housing section will introduce you to the unique perspective of each of our eleven Senior Living Communities.

“My husband and myself have lived at Carlton Plaza Sacramento for three years and plan on staying til we die. We have a beautiful living room, a roomy apartment, delightful dining room with many meals to choose from, a library, a personal fitness room, a game room , and a craft room. The staff are all friendly and loving (they all know your name the day after you arrive) I don’t know how they do it.          The meals are delicious and varied. We have a brand new chef who already is including new and interesting meals. We have a sister enhanced assisted living facility on the grounds that takes care of people who need more help and then another facility to take care of people with Alzheimer’s patients. We feel safe, comfortable and sincerely well taken care of. A big warm thanks from both myself and my husband.”
– N White

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Our Mission

Family-owned and involved Carlton Senior Living has made its mark on the retirement home industry, winning national awards for resident care, health and fitness, staff development programs and more. Committed to empowering its residents with a continuum of senior care services ranging from independent living and assisted living for residents needing a little help with daily activities, enhanced assisted living for those with more acute healthcare needs to memory care for those challenged by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

It is a simple formula in which residents and their needs determine how much or how little assistance they need. As a resident’s needs change, so does the level of support. If necessary, there are a variety of communities under our umbrella of retirement home options to allow residents to move seamlessly between locations and care levels.

It is our aim to help relieve the burden of everyday needs, such as transportation, dining, laundry and housekeeping, with the goal to nurture all our residents individual interests by offering many choices in entertainment, recreation, exercise, spa and salon services.

What really sets us apart from other retirement homes is our delicious food and our sincere, caring staff. Please stop in for a tour of one of our communities and a delicious meal on us! <Schedule A Tour>

Please take a look at our retirement communities and join us for a tour soon. We look forward to welcoming you home.

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Unique Service Principles

At Carlton Senior Living, we are guided by our unique service principles. These principles are steeped in our ability to love, honor and provide for our residents.
The Family Connection

Carlton Senior Living is family owned and involved, and we consider our staff, residents, and their families an integral part of the extended family.  Semi-annual family care conferences assess the changing needs of residents.  Carlton Senior Living retirement communities host an annual family connection BBQ  and monthly family brunches, along with monthly meal tickets to encourage family and friends to enjoy time with residents.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s simple: Residents who are 70 years of age upon move-in have 70 days to be 100 percent satisfied with Carlton Senior Living.  If, for any reason, a first-time resident is not satisfied, Carlton Senior Living will refund all rent paid.  A Senior Living Consultant at every Carlton Senior Living community have the details.

Personal Choice Options

At Carlton Senior Living, we want you to be happy and part of that is making the community lifestyle fit your needs, not ours.  That is why we have designed options that encourage choice and independence.

With personal care options you pay only for the services you need. The á la carte pricing allows residents a level of freedom to choose that other senior care communities just can’t match.

Personal dining options are unique to the senior hospitality industry. Residents in our assisted living and independent living and memory care communities choose when they want to eat and what they want to eat from a changing menu that includes many seasonal options and all-time favorites.  The personal expressions program is designed around your interests and hobbies, and nurtures quality time with family and loved ones.

Respite Resort Stay and Fast Move-In

Life is unpredictable. Carlton Senior Living wants to take the stress out of the unforeseen need for senior living, which can often require an immediate response. We specialize in crisis management and boast the ability to complete a six-hour turnaround from inquiry to move-in.  Even if your needs aren’t as immediate, Carlton Senior Living offers short-term respite and recuperative stays.

Diabetic Management

Diabetes is a growing concern in the senior population and Carlton Senior Living is committed to creating better living solutions for diabetics. Our award-winning diabetic management program was recognized as one of the Assisted Living Federation of America’s “Best of the Best” with its licensed vocational nursing services, medication management, diet programs, exercise plans, and more.

‘Our House’ Dementia Care

Many Carlton Senior Living retirement communities offer a quaint, smaller environment known as ‘Our House’ specifically designed for those challenge by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Carlton Senior Living focuses on socialization, physical stimulation, nutrition, comfort and even pet companionship.

Fall Awareness
Preventing injury is vital to enjoying a long, healthy life and Carlton Senior Living is uniquely tuned to the fall and balance challenges facing the senior population. To this end, we offer balance fitness and healthy walking classes six times a week, fall awareness seminars, and fall risk assessments.

The Awards

Carlton Senior Living has won “Best of the Best” awards from the Assisted Living Federation of America for Diabetic Management, Fall Awareness, Advanced Caregiver Training and Senior Executive in Training.  The awards are part of an overall commitment to excellence in family involved care for seniors in need of independent living, assisted living or memory care.

Put Us to Work

To put Carlton Senior Living to work on your senior care needs, please call 1-800-CARLTON (227-5866) right now.

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Letter from the Family

At Carlton Senior Living, taking care of your family is our passion and an extremely personal experience. I became involved in caring for seniors when I learned firsthand the challenges of caring for a loved one.

As primary caregiver for my mother, Carolyn, I was determined to develop a supportive senior community that would provide superior services, allowing her to be independent and enjoy her remaining years.  That’s when I made a commitment to build caring, family-based communities to meet not only her needs, but the needs of other seniors, too.

My determination was paramount to the development of Carlton Senior Living.  I wanted to create an environment that allowed seniors to enjoy active, quality lifestyles.  That’s why our communities offer vibrant activity programs, fun outings, fresh meals, and professional live entertainment many times per week.  Most important to my mother and to me, was that the community’s staff be well trained, caring and family-oriented.

Years ago my mom ingrained in me ‘If a job is worth doing, do it right.’  Those words still ring in my ears today and we strive to live them every day.

In 1989, I had the good fortune to have my longtime personal friend, Dr. Donald Engle, join me as a partner.  Dr. Engle provides medical expertise and supports our ability to build communities that enrich the lives of seniors and their families. His years of development experience perfectly match our vision to create unique senior living communities that offer a variety of levels of care.

We are proud of what we have developed and enjoy spending time at our communities, where we have created a positive environment for seniors and their families.  It makes me smile when I see residents laughing in the family room, enjoying Sunday brunch with their families or making new friends in the Carlton Café.

I can almost hear my mother saying ‘The job was worth doing, and you did it right, son.”

Tom MacDonald
Founder of Carlton Senior Living

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Carlton Senior Living Communities
Family owned Carlton Senior Living operates 11 senior apartment and assisted living communities in Contra Costa, Alameda, Sacramento and Santa Clara Counties in the Northern California region.

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Simply The Best!

Oct 10, 2013 by Nancy W

The wonderful and caring staff is interspersed between three facilities so if you need higher levels of care you are treated by people you know. Carlton has three nurses on duty 24/7 and a physician on call if your own dr does not make home visits. Carlton has EMT\’s living here and an ambulance on site should a resident have a fall or heart attack. Marilyn, our unequaled activities director, plans trips all during the month and is open to any and all suggestions. Many times we can not attend all the activities because we want a little quite time. Our library is well stocked with books and you just go in and take one, no signing, just keep it as long as you want or keep it for good. we have a beautiful fish tank in the lobby that is stocked with unusual fish and is continually getting more. The staff is so loving and will do anything for you. In fact the whole place is like a loving family. We get our room cleaned every week, our bed changed and all our wash done and brought back to us on hangers that day. We celebrate every holiday and have a brunch every month which our kids love to come to. Our medications are ordered, housed and delivered to us on time wherever we are they find us. The Parking lot in the front is small but we have a Hugh lot in the back which only requires a short walk through our beautiful gardens to get to the living areas. Church services are taken care of- in your own parish or an in-house interdenominational service. All in all living at Carlton is like living on a cruise ship or a fancy hotel. Pete and I are so happy we found Carlton and will never move. If I can give you a tour of retirement heaven please call me at (916)483-8302. I\’m sure I left out many advantages but an activity is calling me.

Wonderful Retirment Community

Aug 03, 2013 by Betty Shrine

Thank you to the Chateau managers and team, for all of the care, patience, time and efforts you put in to helping my father, he was a blessed and happy man until he passed in March. My husband and I appreciate all that you did for him. We really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending us flowers on his funeral. Thanks again!

Senior Living Surprise

Aug 01, 2013 by Dr. Wright

While vacationing in San Francisco I decided to take a quick trip up to Pleasant Hill to see an old dear friend of mine who lives at Chateau III in Pleasant Hill. I must say you guys do it right! The food was incredible (especially the salad bar!)

I was quite impressed with the staff who went out of their way to make me happy. Very clean and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. As I left a fun county band started to play… I wanted to stay but had to leave, hopefully next time I will catch them. Keep up the great work Chateau!!!

Assisted Living That Is Like Coming Home

Jul 28, 2013 by Kathy Oslow

Warm and friendly staff at Carlton Plaza of San Leandro!. They make you feel welcome. Very nice apartments, lots of activities and the Sunday Brunch that I was fortunate to attend was OUTSTANDING! Really as good as anything you\’ll find anywhere in the City. Not sure how you do it but I\’m sure glad you do. John loves it there.

Carlton Plaza Retirment Community Is A Wonderful Place

Jul 03, 2013 by Lesslie Copper

We always feel so secure and sure that our grandmother is having a gala time at Carlton Plaza. We keep getting her messages machine because she\’s always out and about with her friends. We want to thank you for taking such a good care of her. Her demeanor has changed for the better and we sleep better knowing she is happy and safe. Very much appreciated!

Carlton Senior Living 800-227-5866 4005 Port Chicago Hwy concord ca, 94520 USA 5.0 5.0 5 5 The wonderful and caring staff is interspersed between three facilities so if you need higher levels of care you are treated by people you know. Carlton has three nurses on duty 24