senior-womanIf you have a loved one who struggles with Alzheimer’s disease, you know the challenge that comes with finding the right Alzheimer’s Care Elk Grove option for them to move to. You have established that your loved one is unable to care for themselves anymore, what is the next step? The next step in the process is assessing a care facility to be able to find one that suits your loved one’s needs.

First questions to ask

As you start narrowing down your search, there are a few basic questions that are important to ask. If these questions cannot be answered in a positive manner, you might be better off moving on. General important questions include:

  • Is there a waiting list? If you need your loved one to move quickly, chances are you do not have time to wait another six months.
  • What is the cost of living in the home? This is important to establish because you need to be sure that care is affordable. This should factor in the cost of extra care as the disease progresses.
  • Is the person able to live at the facility throughout the course of their disease? This is an important question to ask, primarily because you do not want to have to move your loved one again in a few months/years.

Assessing the facility

You will be able to narrow down your options based on the answers that you get. From there, it is going to be a good idea to visit the care facilities yourself. The following are general factors that can assess the quality of each facility that you visit:

  • Location – Will you be able to visit easily? Is it conveniently located?
  • Menus – Does the facility accommodate special dietary needs? Are mealtimes flexible? Is the menu varied, nutritious, and tasty?
  • Appearance – Are the bedrooms, dayrooms, and kitchens clean and tidy? Are there any unpleasant odors that draw your attention?
  • Resident-to-staff ratio – What is the current resident-to-staff ratio during the day? What is the resident-to-staff ratio at night?
  • Alzheimer’s specialized – Is the staff specially trained to be able to deal with those who struggle with Alzheimer’s disease? Is there ongoing training for staff members? Is the facility secured in such a way to deal with special security needs?
  • Care philosophy – Does the facility focus on the needs of the individual resident. Do the routines have a certain level of flexibility?
  • Quality assurance – Is the facility accredited by an independent body? Have there been recent inspections? If so, what were the results of said inspections?

Even after an extensive search, you might find that finding the “perfect home” is a challenge. It is important to be flexible and assess what you believe are the most important factors for a good Alzheimer’s Care Elk Grove facility. If you want to find out more information about possible options or need help with the next step, we encourage you to visit