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Dear Residents and Families,
We would like to begin by expressing how saddened we all are by the devastation that has occurred in Napa and Sonoma County these past few days. We would also like to thank so many of you for reaching out to our teams to ask how you can help. Carlton Senior Living would like to do our part as well to assist those seniors impacted by this horrible tragedy. We have reached out to disaster relief services, as well as local hospitals, and will be accepting seniors who have been evacuated from their homes. We will continue to do whatever we can to assist. Not only do our new friends need food and other entails, most came in with just the clothes on their backs. We will be accepting gently used and new adult clothing and new shoes and undergarments to provide for our evacuees.
If you have any questions, please contact your management team.
Thank you for all of your continued support.

David Coluzzi, President

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Davis Senior Apartments and Assisted Living

Carlton’s newest senior living community features attractive lodge-style decor and spacious common areas, including an elegant living room with a stage and grand piano. Located in bustling downtown Davis, this community offers both independent and assisted living, along with memory care and other services. On-staff licensed nurses are available to help residents manage diabetes and other health issues.

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From the Carlton Senior Community Blog

Smart Snacking: Not All Snacks Are Created Equally

Healthy eating is important no matter what age you are but choosing healthy snacks with high nutritional value and which also sustain your appetite can be challenging. Not all snacks are created equally and choosing food items which are nutrient-dense instead of calorie-dense is the key to snacking smart. While nutrient-dense foods are high in nutritional value and are relatively low in calories, calorie-dense foods provide many calories for only a small amount of food which can lead consuming more than the recommended serving size of these not-so-healthy foods to feel satisfied. Examples of nutrient-dense foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat or fat-free milk products, seafood, lean meats, eggs, peas, beans and nuts. These foods contain vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats and give you the most bang for your nutritional buck. Calorie-dense foods, on the other hand, include high-calorie foods with little or no nutritional value like potato chips, sugary drinks, candy, baked treats and alcoholic beverages. Because some of these foods provide little more than energy and almost no nutrients, they are often referred to as having "empty calories." Not surprisingly, many of our favorite snacks fall into the calorie-dense category and consuming these food items in moderation plays an important role in maintaining ones overall health. To give you an idea of how some common snacks stack up against each other, check out this interesting comparison published by the National Institute on Aging. Comparing 100 Calorie Snacks One way to think about the idea of nutrient-dense and calorie-dense foods is to look at a variety of foods that all provide the same calories. Let’s say that you wanted to have a snack that contained about 100 calories. You might choose one of these:   7- or 8-inch banana two ounces baked chicken breast with no skin three cups low-fat popcorn two regular chocolate-sandwich cookies half cup low-fat ice cream one scrambled large egg cooked with fat 20 peanuts half of the average-size candy bar Which would make a better snack for you? Although these examples all have about 100 calories, there are some big differences:   banana, chicken, peanuts, or egg are more nutrient dense popcorn or chicken are likely to help you feel more satisfied chicken, peanuts, or egg have more protein cookies, candy, and ice cream have more added sugars Check out this USDA/NIA tip sheet: Choosing Healthy Meals As You Get Older: 10 Healthy Eating Tips for People Age 65+. Read more

Resident Spotlight - Carol Banks

Meet Carlton Senior Living's spotlight resident, Carol Banks — Carol was born on May 7, 1930 in Fresno, California to Charles and Ruth Sortor. Carol and her brother were raised on various farms through the Central Valley and they learned to love nature, like their parents. The Sortors loved to camp in Yosemite National Park and the entire family made it a point to stay active and productive. Carol’s mother was a homemaker and was very diligent about keeping her children busy when they were not in school. Her father was an engineer, a farmer and also he also worked in an office prior to his retirement. After graduating high school, Carol attended college at Fresno State. While in chemistry class, she met her husband, Amberse Banks. Not long after their graduation, Amberse and Carol were married in June 1951. The couple then moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee where they began their careers. Within two years, Amberse was drafted into the Army. By the time Amberse was scheduled to be deployed, Carol was expecting their first child, a daughter they named Sandra. At the end of Amberse’s service with the Army, the couple happily welcomed a second daughter, Lynn, into the family. Wanting to further his career, Amberse decided to continue his study of chemistry and he work part-time while attending school part-time with Carol staying home to care for their young daughters. Once Amberse finished his studies, the Banks family moved back to California in search of new career opportunities and to start a new life. The family settled in Modesto where they purchased a home. While her husband worked for Gallo Winery, Carol was a homemaker and also ran her own business tailoring the clothes of her friends and neighbors for extra cash. Her seamstress skills were in high demand and she continued her tailoring business until both of her daughters graduated from high school. As her daughters were growing up, Carol made it a point to instill in them the same values taught to her by her own parents. She kept her girls active and productive. The family enjoyed taking road trips as well as camping trips to Yosemite. When both daughters were off at college, Carol and Amberse decided to continue their travels with trips to Holland, France and England. They also went on a few cruises. After Amberse passing, Carol remained in their family home where she tended the garden and took walks around the neighborhood. Wanting to be closer to her daughter in Orinda, Carol moved to the Creekside building at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill in January 2017. Like her parents taught her during her childhood, Carol remains active and participates in the exercise groups regularly. Her all-time favorite activity is balloon volleyball and she loves to attend the musical performances on Tuesday evenings as well as the weekly Happy Hours. Carol can often be found walking around the community during her daily walks or visiting with her neighbors. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Cookie Apodaca   Read more

"Dine & Dash" with Chef MJ

March is National Nutrition Month, and we are thrilled to showcase the most recent “Dine and Dash” at our Carlton Senior Living Sacramento community hosted Thursday, March 8th. The "Dine & Dash" allowed local professionals which included referral agents and social workers to dash in and check out our community and take with them a homemade meal to dine and enjoy with their families at home! Through our partnership with Bristol Hospice, who provided desserts and Senior Care Solutions, who provided beverages the event was a success! Of course for the meals, we had a fantastic blend of flavors all created by our very own Chef MJ and his culinary team. Our first course started with a roasted beet and apple salad. Beets are currently in their peak season which begins in March and runs through October. They are excellent sources of potassium and like apples are rich in fiber which helps to aid in digestion. Our second course followed up with roasted lemon rosemary Petaluma chicken breast served alongside a vegetable medley of asparagus, Brussel sprouts, and parsnips. Chicken is an excellent source of protein and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Of course, the meal wouldn’t be complete without your vegetables and with this blend you are sure to get valuable nutrients. From these nutrients, Vitamin K leads the list and benefits us by improving heart health! We would love to have you join us for lunch at any one of our communities. We are open for tours seven days a week, and invite you to come and see what we are all about! Read more

Serve It Up with Chef Andrew: Greek Lamb Meatball Recipe

Did you know that today is National Meatball day? Meatballs are a mystery regarding who and how they were created. According to some, the meatball could have originated in Persia where it was speculated that the need to do something with leftover meat led to a dish called “kofta.” From Persia it is thought that the meatball phenomenon spread throughout the Middle East and hence to China. For us today, there are more meatball recipes than anyone can keep track of, but with a multitude of options comes vast flavor possibilities! Our very own Chef Andrew Moret from Carlton Senior Living Davis shares with us a Greek Lamb Meatball recipe that is a more modern take on the famous meatball. You may be thinking, lamb, for a meatball? But yes we are suggesting lamb because of the incredible health benefits it can provide to us. Lamb is known to have eight health benefits based on its nutrition alone! Not only is it an excellent energy source it also is high in calcium content which helps our bodies to maintain bone health, strengthen bones and strive to prevent disruptions or bone abnormalities. It may be surprising to learn that lamb is high in protein which helps to build muscle and increase fat binding and digestion. Lamb has a very high content of phosphorus which helps to maintain bone health similar to that of calcium. Another advantage of lamb is that it contains Selenium which can serve to produce the body’s antioxidant benefits. Regarding vitamin nutrition, lamb contains high levels of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B12. Vitamin B1 helps with our body’s oxidation process to maintain resilience and prevent the occurrence of scaly or dry skin. Vitamin B2 helps us to continue endurance, nerve health, improve immune systems and maintain healthy eyes. Vitamin B12 focuses on the formation of red blood cells and prevents anemia. For additional flavor and Greek flare try adding into your dish kalamata olives and tzatziki sauce! We invite you to try this recipe on your own and share with us your thoughts and own renditions of it! Read more

USC Graduate Scholarship

The USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology Graduate Scholarship is a full scholarship awarded annually to a qualified CALA member to complete a graduate level degree of their choice, either on-site or online. They can choose one of the following areas of study; Master of Arts in Gerontology, Master of Science in Gerontology, Master of Long-Term Care Administration, Master of Aging Services Management or Graduate Certificate in Gerontology. Carlton Senior Living is honored that our very own Allison Groves, Director of Memory Care Operations was the proud recipient for 2017. With close to 10 years of experience in various dynamics of the gerontology field, Allison has chosen to pursue a degree in the Master of Arts in Gerontology. Upon being awarded this scholarship, she recalls that she felt "ecstatic!" The field of gerontology is continuously evolving, and she wants to immerse herself in the latest research, techniques, and skills so that she might better serve the residents at Carlton. Before joining our Carlton family, Allison attended Ivy League Cornell University in New York where she earned her BS in Human Development with a concentration in aging and health along with a  minor in Gerontology. It would come as no surprise that since earning her degree, her motivation has only grown as she has expanded her knowledge and experience in working with seniors. She feels that her love of working with this population stems significantly from the opportunity she has had to learn from their life experiences. Allison strives to enhance her knowledge of gerontology by working in multi-collaborative settings that have included Hospice, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living. During her time as a member of the Cornell Elderly Partnership, she volunteered with a lady who resided at a Skilled Nursing facility. It is because of this experience and the bond established that she felt compelled to work in a community setting. For Allison, she saw Assisted Living as being a "home" model that felt more holistic as opposed to the medical model she observed in the Skilled Nursing. Having joined Carlton in January 2014, Allison has remained steadfast to the dedication and honor of serving our residents and their families. She began in the role of Director of Resident Services at our Davis location, and it was there that she was able to showcase her abilities to remain compassionate, diligent and focused on resident-centered care. Allison's work ethic and passion exemplified her and had led to her continued success at Carlton. In her current role, Allison oversees seven communities that host memory care dedicated neighborhoods. As a part of this role, she facilitates frequent training with the front line staff at Carlton. By obtaining her masters from the University of Southern California, she hopes to gain a more diversified understanding of knowledge in the area of gerontology that will help to make her training more effective. She hopes to ensure better support for the Memory Care Directors that she mentors on clinical and programming challenges that arise throughout the disease process. When asked where she hopes to be in five years she stated, "I hope to be working at Carlton using my degree to better educate and serve the residents, staff, and families that we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis." We wish her much success in her continued journey of education and look forward to seeing the wonderful opportunities she brings to our residents, their families and our associates here at Carlton!   If you wish to learn more about the 2018 USC CALA scholarship opportunities please visit  Read more

Carlton Senior Living Careers

We’re looking for inspired, exceptional candidates to be part of our legendary “culture of care.” The growing Carlton team has long-term career opportunities available in resident care, dining, housekeeping, activities, maintenance and management.

If you enjoy working with people, and are looking for a place to start or grow your career, we hope you’ll consider joining Carlton Senior Living.