Dear Residents and Families,
We would like to begin by expressing how saddened we all are by the devastation that has occurred in Napa and Sonoma County these past few days. We would also like to thank so many of you for reaching out to our teams to ask how you can help. Carlton Senior Living would like to do our part as well to assist those seniors impacted by this horrible tragedy. We have reached out to disaster relief services, as well as local hospitals, and will be accepting seniors who have been evacuated from their homes. We will continue to do whatever we can to assist. Not only do our new friends need food and other entails, most came in with just the clothes on their backs. We will be accepting gently used and new adult clothing and new shoes and undergarments to provide for our evacuees.
If you have any questions, please contact your management team.
Thank you for all of your continued support.

David Coluzzi, President

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Carlton Senior Living San Leandro strives to create an atmosphere that supports and enhances the individual lifestyles of our residents. We offer a wide range of services for seniors including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, On-Site Nursing, Medication and Diabetic Management. Residents can enjoy participating in various enriching, tailored activities like practicing their short game on the putting green, meditating in the Zen Garden or day trips to the many local shops and restaurants. Carlton Senior Living San Leandro’s Executive Director, with 24 years of senior living experience and 15 years of Carlton experience, leads a team that is committed to Love, Honor and Provide for our residents. Our Communities are designed to provide a rich environment where being valued, respected and loved is a natural daily occurrence. We invite you to see why 100% of our family members would recommend us. (Formerly known as Carlton Plaza of San Leandro)

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From the Carlton Senior Community Blog

All American Pet Photo Day

At Carlton Senior Living we seized the opportunity to charge our smart phones and cameras to take the perfect snapshots to celebrate All American Pet Photo day! Our Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill Community dedicated an afternoon event to host a parade for all of our beloved furry friends and we are excited to share with you the top dogs of the cat walk!       Jim T.'s dog "Koukla" and Betty's dog "Buttons" certainly dressed patriotic for the occasion. Buttons made her second year debut at the parade. Some might even say that Koukla  and Buttons were "all wrapped up" in this event! To the right, Katy, Dining Room Server, brought her dog to the parade for the second year in a row!         To the left, Personal Expressions Driver, Daniel helps our To the rresident Mike get his dog Minnie ready for the parade!           To the right you can see Abby on the "cat walk" with her dog Duke! As well as Esther and her dog Marco struting their stuff down the runway!        Our Downtown Pleasant Hill, San Leandro and Sacramento Memory Care's share with us below their community pets; Riley the fluffy bunny, Leo the fashionable shih tzu and Tessie, the charismatic poodle!       July is a big month for our Downtown Pleasant Hill community dog Champ who will be celebrating his 4 year birthday this coming Saturday, July 14th and his first anniversary at home with Carlton Senior Living and the community on July 21st! We would love to see your all american pet photos! We hope you will consider sharing them with us on our Carlton Senior Living Facebook Page   Thanks to our Downtown Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Hill, San Leandro and Sacramento communities for their submissions.  Special thanks to our Memory Care Directors; Felix James (Sacramento) and Kushir Kuar (San Leandro). Memory Care Programming Luisa Iniguez. Personal Expressions Director JC Paleja (Downtown Pleasant Hill) and Frank Wood (Pleasant Hill)                    Read more

Tose's Blue Bowl Potato Salad Recipe

To celebrate National Picnic Month, we're highlighting a recipe for a classic picnic staple - potato salad. This is a recipe Carlton Senior Living resident, Tose, has been serving up the same way for many years as part of a family tradition. "My mother-in-law always served her potato salad in a blue Bauer bowl. I have done the same," says Tose. Tose's recipe is just one of many featured in Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill's Cookbook For a Cure. This beautifully illustrated cookbook features a collection of original recipes from Carlton associates, residents, families and friends of Carlton Senior Living and was created as a way to raise funds for Alzheimer's research. This year, our goal is to raise $35,000 for the Walk to End Alzheimer's and each book purchased moves us closer to that goal. The cookbook features a variety of recipes including Connie's Kentucky Spoon Bread, Marivi's Breaded Chicken Parmesan and Chef Jon's Summer Broccoli Salad. You can purchase a copy of the cookbook for only $15 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association to benefit Alzheimer's research. Visit the Cookbook For a Cure page for ordering instructions.   Today we are pleased to bring you Tose's Blue Bowl Potato Salad recipe from the Cookbook For a Cure: If you would like your favorite original recipe to be included in our 2018 edition, send us an email. The publication of this book was made possible by Terry Barrett, Associate Director of CSL Pleasant Hill and was whimsically illustrated by Katreece Montgomery, an associate at CSL Pleasant Hill.   Read more

Resident Spotlight - Solomon Fisher

At 103, Solomon Fisher is our eldest resident at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill. Solomon was born in New York City on June 9, 1915. He was the son of an ambitious father who put all six of his kids through college. His mother was from Romania and his father was from Ukraine, but they met and had gotten married in the United States. Solomon attended Columbia University Law School and during this time, he started dating his future wife, Evelyn. She was going to a different college in New York City and majoring in chemistry. After law school, he worked from home with a shingle out front. In the 1940’s, the Fishers lived in a Victorian house in Queens. After they had their children, Tony and Barbara, Evelyn took on the role of a stay at home mom. Later, she became a high school chemistry teacher and Solomon moved his law practice into a storefront office. After the kids went to college, he started working for The May Company, a department store chain. There, he specialized in real estate law. In 1985, Solomon ended his law career and moved to the Bay Area to retire. He began to enjoy himself with activities which he was not able to do while working and raising a family. Solomon played his cello, a bit on the piano and encouraged his friends to play on his piano as well. He joined the Performing Arts Society of Contra Costa County where they have free concerts twice a month. Solomon had the opportunity to write his own music and perform. He wrote a Bach piece on the cello with his own narration about the music. He also wrote music for the PAS workshops which was offered to musicians of all levels. Another activity Solomon loved to do was hike and he was a part of two local hiking clubs; Sierra Club and Berkeley Hiking Club. The Sierra club is how Solomon gave back to the environment to help protect it and he also gave back by making monthly donations. The Berkeley Hiking Club helps liked-minded people come together and plan group hikes without harming the environment. He was a group leader for many years. Solomon would bring up the rear and walk with those who were behind the group. A few of his fellow members remember him for his delicious cooked yam dishes that he brought along with him on their hikes together.Over the years, Solomon has made many friends. When he recently celebrated his 103rd  birthday, he had a room full of people and they each had something memorable to say about him. One friend shared a memory about Solomon hosting a grand party in his home. His doors would be open for anyone to come and spend time with him. Now, Solomon is losing his hearing, but still has a friendly chat with his table mates in the Creekside dining room. After leading a very busy life, Solomon now enjoys reading the paper quietly in his room at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill and is very proud to be a centenarian.     View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Cookie Apodaca   Read more

"Pleasant Hill – A Community United" 2018 Parade

The theme for the annual parade was “Pleasant Hill – A Community United.” It was only fitting that our Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill and Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill communities united to participate in the parade together. Having been involved in the ceremony last year, the Pleasant Hill residents and associates were excited to be a part of the celebrations again!             Carlton Senior Living was represented by several associates who attended from both communities. Luisa our Memory Care Programming Assistant, Art our Personal Expressions Driver & Ya-Ya our Personal Expressions Assistant attended to represent our Downtown Pleasant Hill community. Patrick, our Personal Expressions Assistant at Pleasant Hill, planned and coordinated the event and was joined by our Personal Expression Drivers Daniel and Doyle, Rhodesia our Resident Liaison, Sam our Masters of Social Work Intern and Carly, the community dog!             Our Pleasant Hill Resident Council was represented by John, President and Esther, Vice President.  At the age of 92, Myra, one of our Pleasant Hill residents walked the entire parade route last year, an accomplishment she was very proud of! This year, Myra was asked to ride with Tim Flaherty, Mayor of Pleasant Hill to which she gladly accepted! Holding steady to her encouraging spirit she was proud to have her fellow residents walk the entire route this year like she had last year.   Along the route, our crew handed out fidget spinners, lollipops, and Carlton key chains. Patriotic colors of red, white and blue radiated from those riding in our Carlton cars and buses to those watching from the sidelines as we passed. We even had the chance to capture a few of our residents saluting in honor of independence, freedom, and unity. We extend an extra big thanks to Denee, one of our Inbound Marketing Specialists from the Home Office, who was present and went “live” on Facebook to stream the event and give feedback on our involvement in the parade itself.  Read more

Resident Spotlight - Willis "Bill" Courtney

Meet Carlton Senior Living's spotlight resident Willis "Bill" Courtney - Bill was born as the only child to Willis and May Courtney in San Francisco, California. He has always resided in California since being born and moved to Sacramento when he was nine years old. However, Frank Sinatra said it best and Bill agrees that he left his heart in San Francisco, his favorite city in the world. After marrying his beloved late wife Shirley, they welcomed to the world and their family three beautiful children, a daughter and two sons. Bill attributes the birth of his children as being his favorite life experience thus far. Although Bill was employed with the State of California Department of Water Resources for over 35 years, in his free time you could find him enjoying the leisure of golfing alongside his beautiful bride or vacationing in Hawaii, one of his favorite places to travel. It would come as no surprise to learn that one of his most notable accomplishments is competing and winning the Japanese and American Flyer Club golf tournament. Bill believes that in life a good philosophy to live by is “always keep them laughing.” He enjoys spring the most which is why his favorite thing about Sacramento is the beautiful trees. When not outdoors can be found inside the comfort of his apartment watching anything John Wayne related! When asked who he would want to have dinner with he replied with a smile, my wife, 15 years ago. We are glad to have Bill as a resident of Carlton Senior Living Sacramento – Enhanced. View additional Resident Spotlight articles.   Read more

Resident Spotlight - Bobbie Rose & Her Centenarian Celebration

Meet Carlton Senior Living's spotlight resident Bobbie Rose ­- Barbara "Bobbie" Sharp was born in San Francisco, California on June 21, 1918. Her father worked for PG&E as an electrical engineer and ran the powerhouses in a small town near Towle, California. Bobbie was an only child. She attended school in Christian Valley until fourth grade and then moved to San Jose where she would remain local for the next 40 years. Bobbie graduated from high school and went on to San Jose State University where she met her husband, Hugh Rose, in accounting class. They were seated alphabetically and were sitting next to each other. Both graduated college, Bobbie with a general Business Degree and Hugh with an Accounting Degree. [caption id="attachment_18368" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Bobbie Rose recently turned 100 - read more about her birthday celebration below.[/caption] In 1942, Hugh was drafted into the Army as a Private and was sent to North Carolina for training where he became a Finance Officer. The couple was married in 1943 and three months later, Hugh was sent overseas for three years. Hugh eventually worked his way up from Second Lieutenant to Captain. Meanwhile, Bobbie was living at home with her parents while working at Food Machinery Corporation in the accounting department, a company that began manufacturing Water Buffalo Tanks to aide in the war efforts. When Hugh returned from the Army in 1946, the Roses' lived in Santa Clara for 18 months before buying a house in Los Gatos. Hugh took a job with the Dole Cannery Company in San Jose where he worked for 25 years. In 1965, Hugh and Bobbie bought property above San Andreas and in 1970, Dole sold their operation to a new cannery in Modesto where Hugh continued to work for the next five years. The couple later moved to San Andreas where Hugh built the home that they would share together until 2013. When Hugh retired in 1975, the two began traveling with their RV and spent many winters in Yuma, Arizona. Aside from traveling, Bobbie has many hobbies including knitting and different kinds of crafts. Sadly, Hugh’s health began to fail due to dementia and macular degeneration. During this time, Bobbie was also suffering from a bout of pneumonia and was hospitalized. Thankfully, Bobbie’s niece provided much needed love and support to both she and Hugh during this difficult time. Hugh’s health continued to decline until his passing. After six month or more of recovery, Bobbie health finally stabilized and in 2013 she decided to move to Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill to be closer to her niece. Bobbie kept her house in San Andreas until a 2015 wildfire consumed her home along with everything in it. Despite everything, Bobbie continues to stay positive and busy with her many hobbies and enjoys playing Wii Bowling, Rummikub and Mahjong with friends. Bobbie has also been looking forward to her 100th birthday for many years and so the Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill community jumped at the chance to throw her a beautiful summer-themed "centenarian" celebration. Carlton residents and associates eagerly awaited the arrival of the "guest of honor." After making a grand entrance, Bobbie was adorned with a tiara and sash to commemorate the occasion. Everyone enjoyed a festive sing-along with an amusing selection of birthday-themed songs, dancing, appetizers and, of course, birthday cake. Bobbie was also presented with a beautiful arrangement of flowers compliments of the management team at Carlton Pleasant Hill while the Personal Expressions team presented her with 100 pink and white roses to celebrate Bobbie Rose's 100 amazing years. Once the party concluded, Bobbie declared that it was a birthday celebration she will never forget. See more photos from Bobbie's birthday celebration on the Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill Facebook page. Resident Spotlight written by Patrick Coleman   Read more

Celebrating Fatherhood: Heartfelt Tributes to Three Special Dads

This Father's Day, JC Paleja, Personal Expressions Manager at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill, asked around to see if any of the adult children who who frequently visit the community would like to write a brief tribute to honor their own fathers. The results are these three heartfelt pieces which you are sure to enjoy: My Dad and His Unwavering Strength I think that all daughters have this idea that their dad is the greatest man in the world from the moment they were born. For me to start in that direction seems like I’d be retelling everyone’s story. So, I decided to skip all the rhetoric and really tell you about this man I call my dad and you call a friend. [caption id="attachment_18321" align="alignleft" width="350"] Jim Loveless with his growing family[/caption] My dad, Jim Loveless was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1929. He joined the Army at the age of 17 years old. He worked after that at two major companies as a Project Engineer until he retired. He is as he seems, honorable and true to what he believes. But there is a side of him that most don’t often get to see. There is a degree of love that he only shares with those that he truly trusts. You must earn this and once given let no man or woman come between his loyalty to you. He will fight to the end for you no matter what it takes out of him. This man has strength beyond his body, which to his chagrin, has now gotten older. His strength comes from within for he has the will to survive no matter how tough it gets. This is not stubbornness but determination that set him apart even when he was in the military. This is where he developed this skill to confront all problems head on and survive no matter what the outcome. That is what keeps him alive to this day. Being a member of his team is an honor and being his daughter more so. I respect this man I call my dad and find that I share many of his attributes. No one can be perfect in this life and he never proposed to be, but he was and will always be the one I look up to. He is the one that think I of when I hear a beautiful orchestra, watch an old-time movie or just sit on a beach somewhere and stare out at the ocean and dream of sailing.  He is the voice in my head telling me to live no matter how hard it gets and the tear that I wipe away each time that I leave after I visit him. Upon everything about this man that I call my dad has done for me and my brother, the one thing that tops it all is that he stayed and was the best dad he could be to us. Good or bad he made the sacrifice to be a dad and take care of his family. This is no small feat for I know now seeing through the eyes of a parent myself. I only wish one thing that I could change when it comes to my dad. I wish I could change the hands of time. For to me the love of family is worth having around forever. Written by Andrea P., daughter of Jim Loveless, Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill resident My Father: From Humble Beginning to Successful Career and Family Man [caption id="attachment_18323" align="alignright" width="300"] Stan at his college graduation in 1961 with his second son, Bruce[/caption] Always referring to himself as just a simple farm boy from Southwestern Iowa, Stan Duysen started from humble beginnings and a harsh childhood.  As a young man, Stan forged out on his own, eventually enlisting in the Coast Guard (stationed on San Francisco Bay), then later moving back to Omaha, where he put himself through college in 3 years while starting a family. He went on have a successful career in Real Estate and Banking. [caption id="attachment_18332" align="alignleft" width="300"] An early picture (circa 1969) of Stan with his late wife (my mom) of 57 years, Shirley.[/caption] With a likeable personality, Stan was always known as a total gadfly; one who could converse with anyone, and by the end of an evening would even know your shoe size.  A mover and shaker, and passionate Nebraska Cornhusker fan, he always liked to use the catch phrase of a fellow Cornhusker, Larry the Cable Guy, when he’d tell you to just Get ‘er done. Written by Rob D., son of Stan Duysen, Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill resident Jesus' Garden [caption id="attachment_18327" align="alignright" width="300"] Jesus with his freshly planted flowers[/caption] Jesus P. Pineda and his wife, Lucy, always had a love for nature and the outdoors. He and our late mother Lucy, spent their time together with their nine children camping in their favorite place, Yosemite National Park. His daughters wanted to bring his love for nature and the outdoors into the garden at CSL Downtown Pleasant Hill, where he has resided for the past year and half. It was our way of helping our father, to remember the beauty of what he and our mother taught us as young children about the beauty of nature and the outdoors which all of us have embraced and held dear to our hearts and have passed down to our children and their   children and to pass down to generations to come. Thank you Dad and Mom for such a beautiful gift to always remember you by. We love you both so very much. Written by JoAnn P., daughter of Jesus P. Pineda, Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill resident             Read another great story written by the daughter of a resident: My Father's Backpacking Legacy Want to submit your own story? Send us an email Read more

Resident Spotlight - Kevin Schwan

Meet Carlton Senior Living's spotlight resident, Kevin Schwan - Kevin was born in Sacramento and was raised in Santa Rosa, California. Growing up, Kevin enjoyed hiking in the hills, swimming and working at his father’s grocery store on the weekends. He fondly recalls that all he cared for was a Coke and a pack of baseball cards as payment for his work. In his youth, Kevin also enjoyed playing baseball, basketball and wrestling in high school and college. After graduating from Sonoma State University, Kevin moved to the Silicon Valley where he worked as an electrical engineer for several companies including Argo Systems for twenty years and Stanford for seven years. Kevin has been a single father since he was 28 and fondly describes his son and daughter as being his pride and joy. At the age of 30, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Kevin has three sisters and there is a lot of talent in the family - He plays the guitar, his father plays the accordion and his brother-in-law has a band. Kevin is a big sports fan and loves the San Francisco Giants. In fact, he has always wanted to see the Giants play in the World Series. One of his friends, a Giants season ticket holder who happens to also have MS, granted Kevin’s wish by inviting him to the World Series a few years ago. Kevin describes it as the experience and adventure of a lifetime. At the Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill community Kevin is known as a good and fun loving friend. He enjoys all of the community activities and outings and is playfully known throughout the building as having “Car 54.” Kevin has a good heart and Carlton associates and residents agree that they really love having him around. Written by Wayne Volkar View additional Resident Spotlight articles.     Read more

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