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We help residents live their lives with attractive senior housing options, acclaimed services and our legendary “culture of care.”

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We’re a family-founded, family-focused company, and taking care of you and your loved ones is our mission and our passion.

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Pleasant Hill Road Senior Apartments and Assisted Living

Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill, our first Community, strives to create an atmosphere that supports and enhances the individual lifestyles of our residents. We offer a wide range of services for seniors including Independent Living, Assisted Living, On-Site Nursing, Medication and Diabetic Management. Residents can participate in enriching, tailored activities in our hillside, landscaped courtyards or our newly renovated living spaces. Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill's Executive Director, with 48 years of clinical experience and 14 years of Carlton experience, leads a team that is committed to Love, Honor and Provide for our residents. Our Communities are designed to provide a rich environment where being valued, respected and loved is a natural daily occurrence. We invite you to see why 99% of Carlton family members would recommend us. (Formerly known as Chateau Pleasant Hill)

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Our Memory Care

“Everyone is helpful and caring. It is such a relief that my mom is taken care of at Carlton’s Memory Care. I never worry about her care or well being and she is happy when I visit. Thank you all!” – Alice C.

From the Carlton Senior Community Blog

Resident Spotlight - Jessie Bianchi

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Jessie Bianchi – Jessie was born in Italy on April Fools' Day in 1922. When she was only a year old, she and her family moved to the United States. As a child, Jessie fondly remembers playing ball with the neighborhood kids. She also had a beagle dog named Billie who loved going to the schoolyard to steal a ball away from the playing children or to sneak a snack or two from their lunches. In high school, Jessie became known as the “Popcorn Lady” because she was always selling popcorn and volunteering at the high school ball games and events. Jessie is life-long Yankees fan but asks that you not hold that against her. Jessie met her future husband on a ship traveling from Italy to New Jersey and they were married when she was 33 years old. The couple returned to Italy to live for a while as her in-laws also lived there. Later, her husband was offered a job at Chevron in California and so they relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. The couple was happily married for over 60 years and they share three wonderful children together. Family has always been very important to Jessie and she pleased to receive frequent visits from her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren very often. Jessie says she loves the associates and her friends at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill and loves being a part of the community in general. Jessie recently celebrated her 97th birthday along with her family and friends at Carlton's Downtown Pleasant Hill community: View additional Resident Spotlight articles.     Read more

Resident Spotlight - Keith Conning

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Keith Conning - Keith was born on March 16, 1941 in San Francisco to Daniel Ralph Conning and Veda Young. He has one brother, Ralph Stanley Conning, who is five years older. In addition to San Francisco, Keith has lived in Berkeley, Bainbridge, Maryland, Colorado, San Ramon, and then finally here at Carlton Senior Living Davis. Keith has visited many countries in both Europe and South America. He spent six years in the United States Air Force as a Cadet and Airman 3rd Class. Keith and his late wife, Marian Barr Conning, had three children together. He is a grandpa to five wonderful grandchildren. Keith taught in the Berkeley Unified School District for thirty years. He worked at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School and Berkeley High School. One of Keith’s favorite parts of working for the school system was coaching track and field. Keith has many awards and plaques lining the walls in his apartment highlighting his time as a coach and teacher. One of the most notable moments in Keith’s life still makes him laugh. He took a hiking trip in Switzerland and went all the way to the base of the Matterhorn. Keith was excited to take a beautiful picture but there was one problem. There ended up being so much fog that seeing the mountain was nearly impossible! Keith also conquered California’s highest peak, Mount Whitney. That time he was able to see the top. Keith is all about living life to the fullest. His life philosophy is to help others and this inspired him to become a teacher. His career allowed him to teach and support many people. He would like to be remembered as someone who will always lend a hand and gets along with all different types of people. When asked about advice he would give to others, Keith believes that it is important to form relationships with diverse people. Running was pastime for Keith, especially when he was a coach. This is one of the reasons why you will usually see him at Carlton’s exercise activities. His favorite type of music is classical orchestra, such as the San Francisco Symphony. If you were to give him the option to watch any movie it would be the 1981 film Chariots of Fire by Hugh Hudson. His favorite dessert is strawberry ice cream. Keith pointed out that our wonderful waitstaff, Elvia, always knows to bring him a bowl at dinner. A meal that he favors over most is a nice, juicy rib eye steak. He always enjoys the smell of grass and the ocean. These remind him of track and cross country and fishing with his dad on the beach. He describes himself as helpful and as someone who will always follow through. He most admires Martin Luther King, Jr. for his what he stood for how he took risks to fulfill his dreams. Keith believes one of the strengths of our society is our acceptance of many different personalities, ethnicities, and religions. His favorite thing about Carlton Senior Living Davis is how professional everyone is. He appreciates that all the employees are trying their best to help the residents. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Ben Slade     Read more

Resident Spotlight - William Borland

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident of the week, William Borland or Willy as we call him at Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove. Willy's Italian ancestral roots start from his grandparents on his father’s side. They went through Ellis Island in 1898 in order to go to California to purchase 5 acres of land to grow grapes and cherries in the Fruitridge Area. Thus, Willy was born and raised in Sacramento, California on August 23, 1923. Though his family no longer owns the farm, the city named a street after his grandfather, Albert Caselli. The street is called Caselli Circle. Willy’s family tree consists of four children, five grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. His children are Robert “Bob”, Christine “Chris”, Mora, and Bill. Their kids are Kevin, Casey, Jerry, Max, and Ella. As for his great-grandchildren, their names are Aubrey, Morgan, Hailey, and Ryan. During World War II, Willy served in the Army and was stationed in Germany from 1944-1946. Due to his passion for cars, Willy was in charge of the motor pools in the military. For some 40 plus years, he was employed as a sheet metal worker and retired in 1989. In the early 1960’s he fell “in love” with a new vehicle manufactured by the Chevrolet, “The Classic Corvair,” when his oldest son brought one home. For 50 years, he owned anywhere from one to six Corvairs at one time or another. He was a loyal member of the “Corvair Society of America” where he serviced on the national board as well on local boards. Another hobby he enjoys is collecting, trading, and maintaining jukeboxes and, at one time, his home was filled with five of these musical machines. He believes old movies are the best from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Some of the actors he likes include Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Betty Grable, and who can forget the great team of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, to name a few. Music was great from that time also with the Andrew Sisters, Betty Hutton, Dinah Shore, Lawrence Walk and who could forget Elvis? Willy used to sell magazines and newspapers for 4 cents on the street corner in front of Larkin Theater in San Francisco along with his kid sister, Doris, to get money for a hamburger at the Lumber Jack and admission to the movies. Three words to describe him are friendly, humorous, and a leader. Willy says his favorite thing about Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove is the staff. View additional Resident Spotlight articles.   Read more

"Best of the Best" Awards

Carlton Senior Living’s “Best of the Best” awards honor associates, in all departments and all positions from our culinary team to our Executive Directors, who have gone above and beyond. These chosen individuals are honored quarterly and annually. They are those within our company who have provided particularly high-quality customer service in memorable experiences for our residents, their families and fellow associates. These individuals exemplify the Carlton Commitments to Love, Honor and Provide.     Nominations can be written by residents, their family members, visitors, partnership agencies and Carlton associates by picking up a nomination form at the community’s front desk. Upon submission, this nomination form helps our teams to identify the associates who are deserving of recognition and chosen to be among Carlton's "Best of the Best."       Each quarter the individual communities identify their “Best of the Best” winners and honor them in a ceremony celebrated at their community. Annually each year, the annual “Best of the Best” winners are chosen out of those who had won in the past four quarters of the given year. The winners are then congratulated on being chosen and are invited with a guest to attend the Best of the Best Annual Awards Banquet at the Silverado Resort in Napa, Ca. In honor of them, the winner and their guest receive a complimentary stay at the Silverado Resort on the night of the banquet.   We invite you to stay tuned as we will be recognizing our Regional 2018 Annual Winners in a blog series coming soon!  Read more

"The Central California Hemophilia Foundation – A Birthday Story"

Today we celebrate the World Federation of Hemophilia by recognizing the 29th Anniversary of World Hemophilia Day. We are thrilled to showcase our very own residents Will & Gloria Curtis, of the Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill community and the contributions they have made in the founding of the Central California Hemophilia Foundation. We invite you to read more from Will's perspective in his article entitled; “The Central California Hemophilia Foundation – A Birthday Story” On a bright summer day in Sacramento, June 10, 1969, our attorney, John R. Saldine, invited me to join him as he walked our corporation papers through the California State House. Our foundation was on its way, and the thought occurred to me that I was not too sure of the next step. But, in hindsight, I see that the steps were already in progress. I kept holding meetings, and people, who cared, kept coming. We had actually had our organizational meeting at the end of "68" under the huge water towers on Alhambra Blvd, where the Sacramento Blood Bank was then operating. That was thanks to the Director of the Sacramento Blood Bank, Mrs. Blanche Babcock, who had been a long time supporter of the hemophilia community on her own initiative, and was eager to support this newly forming chapter of the hemophilia community. Meeting at the Blood Bank thus became our anchor for many, many years. Among those early supporters, the Medical Director of the Blood Bank, Dr. Paul G. Hartersley, not only played a pivotal role in the formation of the chapter at this point, but had been instrumental in introducing the treatment by cryroprecipitates to our community. He had recently come to us from working with Dr. Judith Poole, the discoverer of that treatment, at Standford University. As the hematologist for my 12 year old son, Dr. Hattersley and I had formed a comfortable relationship, and that prompted me, after a routine office visit one afternoon, to ask; "Would you be interested in my forming a chapter?" He was instantly receptive and offered to suggest some people he thought would be of help. Through Dr. Hattersley and Mrs. Babcock, we were then blessed with a group of long-experienced in community work; John R. Saldine, Attorney, Clifford E. Bohmbach, Mrs. Edward C. Wolfe, and Mrs. Dave Dozier, (matron of a well known medical dynasty in Sacramento). Add to this list a couple from our families (who shared my lack of experience), Mrs. Roger Helm, mother of Mark and Scott from Davis, and Mrs. Mavis B. Pierce, mother of John from Sacramento. Completing this list of "founding" board members would be Dr. Charles B. Abildgaard. Some short time after making that offer to Dr. Hattersley, I was brought up to date by Paul on charges at the UCD Medical Center. He indicated that a "Dr. Abildgaard" was coming to direct the hemophilia section at UCD (the Regional Hemophilia Treatment Center not yet quite in place) and that I should certainly meet him. That turned out to be an understatement. Dr. Abildgaard, (we called him "Charlie"), actually attended our first "organizational" meeting under the water tower that winter of 1968. He also met me at my house to drive me to that meeting, ran out of gas on the freeway to that meeting, walked quietly down an off-ramp to get gasoline, put some in the tank, and drove us on to the water towers, arriving just in time. I do not think he change his voice inflection during our travel one iota while all of this was taking place. I, on the other hand, was having a real case of nerves, thinking about my first speech, my first meeting, and whether anyone might even show up. Within about three years, this "founding" board was replaced by our own family members. With the advent of the Regional Hemophilia Treatment Center in 1977, and the continued support of the Sacramento Blood Bank, we continued our journey. A second chapter of this story could well be about the families, the mothers, and the concerned folks who just came by and stayed awhile. These were the people who cared, and, as I continued holding meetings, kept coming.   A special thank you extended to Wilbur "Will" Curtis, Past President, CCHF for his contribution to this blog.    To see a trailer of the video that was produced from the Curtis' interview by the Central California Hemophilia Foundation check out the link The full video is set to be released today on World Hemophilia Day in the Sacramento Regional Celebration.   Read more

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