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Carlton Senior Living Concord, our exclusively Independent Living Community, strives to create an atmosphere that supports and enhances the individual lifestyles of our residents. We offer a wide range of services for seniors including transportation, engaging resident-tailored programming, meal service and exciting outings. Our residents enjoy a beautifully landscaped courtyard and all of the benefits of being just down the road from exciting Downtown Concord. Carlton Senior Living Concord's Executive Director, with 11 years of experience managing this Community, leads a team that is committed to Love, Honor and Provide for our residents. Our Communities are designed to provide a rich environment where being valued, respected and loved is a natural daily occurrence. We invite you to see why 99% of Carlton family members would recommend us. (Formerly known as Chateau on Broadway)

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From the Carlton Senior Community Blog

Resident Spotlight - Celeste Van Fleet

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Celeste Van Fleet - Celeste was born November 18, 1923, to parents Albert and Celeste Clark, in Baltimore, Maryland. She had two siblings, Dorothy Ann, and Jim. Jim passed away at an early age after an aircraft accident while he was in the US Air Force. Celeste attended public school at Roland Park and was an Arts and Crafts major at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in the heart of Baltimore. She met and married Robert Samuel Van Fleet, an officer candidate at the US Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. He was a journalist, and the two moved to Middletown, New York, his hometown, in February 1946. He wrote for the Middletown Times Herald, with Celeste working closely in the “morgue,” clipping and filing histories on those who had passed. Celeste and Robert had three children, James, Christopher, and Robert Jr. She loved being able to learn and play a variety of sports with them. Celeste became the director of volunteers at Horton Medical Center in Middletown. She also eventually taught tennis lessons and played in a women’s doubles eastern division association. She took up golf, her spouse’s sport, and was a one-time women’s champion in 1949, while pregnant with her 2nd son. She claims that helped her balance while playing. One favorite life experience Celeste describes was booking passage on a container ship en route to New Zealand, by way of Savannah, Georgia, the Panama Canal, and Tahiti, to Auckland. She had seen it listed in the travel section of the New York Times and thought it would be a great adventure. The ship had seven passengers, a swimming pool, and about 35 British and Filipino officers and crew. They had a wonderful month getting to know each other and experiencing life at sea. The container ship adventure was just one of many trips afloat. A most memorable one was with her son, Jim, his wife Sarah, and their two children, Jeremy and Becca, who captained a narrow boat on a canal to Bath for four days. Celeste says a message she would like to pass along to others is that “People are basically good.” She enjoys knitting, home design, and volunteer work in many capacities. She also didn’t hesitate to say her favorite dinner is prime rib and fried chicken wings in bacon grease! And what can compare to apple pie for dessert?! Her favorite movies include the classics Brief Encounter, I Know Where I’m Going!, and The King and I. The person she most admires from her life is a grandmother she met when she moved to Middletown. This woman was a World War I nurse, and Celeste admired and loved her for her warmth, family, and importance to her life. We are glad to have Celeste as a member of our Carlton Senior Living Davis family. View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Eric Demuth     Read more

Yolo Wine Dinner

The Davis Senior Center hosted a Yolo Wine Dinner during the week of love and our Carlton Senior Living Davis community was honored to be chosen to cater the event. Chef MJ and Lead Cook Ben joined together to present a three course plated dinner that was accompanied by a wonderful selection of both red and white wines from Yolo County.                 The wines were all selected from the following Yolo County wineries; Black's Station, Scribner Bend, Bogle, Matchbook, Capay Valley and Dancing Coyote. The goal was to support local wineries and to showcase some of the best wine options in our very own backyard.             The first course of the meal was a chicory Salad with chopped radicchio, treviso, arugula and spinach tossed with shaved celery root, fennel, roasted pecans and a meyer lemon vinaigrette. Topped with a parmesan crisp. The suggested wine pairing was a glass of Capay Valley Viognier.         The second course of the meal was a herb garlic marinated chicken thigh, pan seared with crispy skin and topped with a natural jus. Served on an herbed polenta cake with braised greens. The suggested wine pairing was either a glass of Black Station Yolo County Red or Scribner Bend Tempranillo.         The final course was a dark chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup with fresh berries, raspberry coulis, hazelnut dust and vanilla bean whipped cream. The suggested wine pairing was a glass of Bogle Old Wine Zinfandel.       The wines were hand selected by Larry Chandler and poured by the Davis Sunset Rotary Club. Appetizers were served, compliments of Napa Valley Olive Oil Company and live music was provided by Kindred at Home. A special thank you to Dana Welch, Program Coordinator for the Davis Senior Center, for arranging a beautiful event and evening for all.  Read more

Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

The internet is a great resource and offers a wealth of information including your personal and private information. Because so much of your personal information is easily accessed online it’s especially important to be vigilant in protecting yourself from those who may try to use your information with dishonest motives. Seniors, unfortunately, have become prime targets for many modern-day scammers but there are many techniques that can be used to identify possible criminals before they can cause any harm. Here are a few internet safety tips to help you stay protected online: Never Assume a Stranger Online is Trustworthy Unless you have a real-world relationship with a person who is trying to communicate with you through email, video chat, messaging program or social media; they are likely looking to take advantage of you. The same goes for emails offering a deal that is too good to be true or a fictitious prize. These types of communications have been created by scammers to trick you into revealing private information or to get you to install malicious programs on your computer which can give them access to your personal data and files. Never Provide Your Sensitive Information By Email While some websites that request private information can be trusted and are secure, there are many email scams designed to trick you into revealing your private information. An example of this would be an email which appears to be a customer service representative at a financial institution requesting personal information such as your login and password for a specific website. A real bank will never ask you to provide this information in an email, a website linked from an email, or over the phone. This particular tactic is used in an attempt to gain access to your private information and to access your personal accounts or even to steal your identity. If you have concerns about whether you can trust an email sender or website, call the company using the number provided on a recent bill or statement. Never Assume that Someone Who Knows Information About You Can Be Trusted As mentioned previously, the internet offers a wealth of information including personal information about you. It’s alarmingly easy for scammers to gain access to mailing lists for organizations, church groups and community service groups which can be used to help earn your trust. What’s more, city, state and federal government websites often offer a fair amount of information online including your property tax information, previous court cases, personal information about your family and even veterans records. Because this information can easily be found by scammers it can be used to trick you into believing they’re someone they are not. It is important to be cautious in communicating with strangers online or by phone, even if they know private information like your address, full name, the name or your children, clubs you belong to etc. For more information about common scams which target seniors visit the following sites: FBI - Scams and Safety, National Council on Aging - Top Ten Financial Scams Targeting Seniors, or Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Elderly Fraud Scams To report an online scam or financial exploitation contact AARP Foundation ElderWatch.   Read more

Charles and Esther's Secret to Love

Charles and Esther Doolin Established 1948 "Time isn't the main thing, it's the only thing." ~Miles Davis Charles and Esther Doolin met in high school, she was a sophomore and he was, as he recalls a "special student" since he still had one semester to finish. Their first date was to the movie theaters but they don't remember what movie they saw. Their first dance was at the Dream Bowl in Napa where they danced country western. They remember dancing to a Johnny Cash song during one of the dances. Esther stated that when he asked her to marry him she said no, until one day she decided to accept his proposal. Charles stated their was an immediate attraction to her but for her it took a little time because she wanted to get to know him first. He knew she was the one and did not want to be away from her. Since he was so persistent she decided to make him happy and they have been together ever since. They got married at Suisun Baptist Church on August 27, 1948. According to Esther he has been a good father and provider for his family and she really appreciated being a stay at home mom, being able to raise their children. Charles stated Esther has been a good wife always making sure things were in order. The secret to a lasting marriage for them is to always smooth out the bumps in the road and to remain important to each other, not letting other things matter. They always hoped for a long marriage but did not think it would be this many years.           Special appreciation to Activity Assistant, Melissa Alvarez who interviewed Charles and Esther and wrote their story. Read more

Lisa's Chicken with Matzo Ball Soup Recipe

With cold and flu season in full force, we're highlighting this family chicken soup recipe from Lisa Spivey, Retirement Counselor at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill. Although eating chicken soup to help fight the common cold was once considered "an old wives' tale," it is now believed to be true according to several studies. Scientists believe that a bowl of chicken soup may reduce inflammation of the lungs while boosting the immune system. Lisa's children definitely won't dispute the benefits of a warm bowl of homemade soup: [caption id="attachment_20309" align="alignright" width="214"] Lisa's son, Dominic (14), loves matzo ball soup![/caption] "My husband's mother, Betty, was Jewish and her family made Matzo Ball soup. I have asked his siblings how they do it and adopted my own recipe. My kids love it and I always make it when they get a cold or are under the weather." -Lisa Spivey Lisa's recipe is just one of many featured in Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill's Second Edition of the Cookbook for a Cure. This beautifully illustrated cookbook features a collection of original recipes from Carlton associates, residents, families and friends of Carlton Senior Living and was created as a way to raise funds for Alzheimer's research. In 2018, we raised over $22,000 for Walk to End Alzheimer's and each book purchased moves us closer to our goal. The cookbook features a variety of recipes including Sexy Shrimp Dip, Autumn Apple & Spinach Salad, and decadent Pumpkin Cheesecake. You can pre-order a copy of the cookbook for only $20 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association to benefit Alzheimer's research. Visit the Cookbook For a Cure page for ordering instructions.   Today we are pleased to bring you Lisa's Chicken with Matzo Ball Soup recipe from the Second Edition of the Cookbook For a Cure: Order the Second Edition of the Cookbook For a Cure today! Visit the Cookbook For a Cure page for ordering instructions. The publication of this book was made possible by Terry Barrett, Associate Director of CSL Pleasant Hill and was whimsically illustrated by Katreece Montgomery, an associate at CSL Pleasant Hill.   Read more

"The Ball" Our Resident's Interpretation

The Quarterly Creation Project was created at Carlton Senior Living with the intent to offer our residents in the Memory Care communities the opportunity to give and create an interpretation of their own regarding a renowned painting or photograph. This project allows the residents to be more than just a part of the creation, they lead it from beginning discussions, to the interpretation of it and the direction in which they wish to display how they view it. All aspects of the projects are hand crafted or chosen by residents from the people characterized in it or the message of it, each one reflective of that given communities unique viewpoint.       They were shown the iconic painting to the right known as "The Ball" by Victor Gabriel Gilbert. Born in Paris in 1847, Victor had studied with a renowned lithographer Victor Adam as well as Charles Busson, a landscape painter. From his studies he established himself as a painter of Parisian scenes. Beyond "The Ball" he truly exemplified in his work to showcase Paris in its natural state, highlighting the beauty of the market, dancing and scenic flowers.           First up is our Carlton Senior Living San Leandro community memory care who created a story titled "The Golden Era" in which they interpreted the painting, setting the scene as a socialite ball in which attendees were to make friends with those of wealthy status.  The Golden Era They are attending a socialite ball to make friends with the rich. (Gay) She is wearing a long beautiful blue dress with little boots and he is wearing a black and white tuxedo. (Violet .K) “Everyone looks sharp” (blanch). “We had more time in that time” (blanch). “It’s the 1900’s; look at what they are wearing.” (Gay) “It’s a high society Ball” (Mary). “I’m going to make it my story” (Gladys. R) “This is the story of Guinevere and Hal Treble.” (Gladys. S) “it’s very nice fantastic” (blanch) “Very rich I can’t attend that kind of party.” (Mary) “They just arrived to New York to the Astoria hotel to attend the ball of the year, they came back from their long vacation in Europe” (Gladys. R) “Ms. Guinevere and Mr. Hal Treble area couple, they met on a cruise and fell in love.” (Gladys. S, Betty. S) “They are attending this ball to see how the rich get rich and how they can make their own big money.” (Gladys .S, Gay. L) “The young lady Guinevere is not rich so the girl need to find and upper rich husband like Mr. Hal because she is so beautiful and can find a good man and she is very nice to the mother.”(Gladys. R, Connie. C ) “the dancing is beautiful.” (Blanch) “The building is luxurious” (Gay) “it’s the Astoria hotel in New York only the elite can go there the girl is lucky to go there.” (Gladys. S) I wish I was there (Violet) “I see it over there.” (Marie) “It’s a big dance” (Doris. S) there is a very famous seamstress that made her dress that’s why she looks like the other at the ball. She makes beautiful gowns especially for the ball.” (Gladys. R) “I want to go home that’s not Hawaii.” (Carolyn. M) “They got fashion cameras by the time they get there all the ones that needed to be there were there.” (Blanch) “She has to get married” (Connie. C) the famous designer of her dress is Federico Fellini she loves it all that’s why Guinevere promised herself that she was going to prepare her wedding dress with him and marry high” (Gladys. R)     Next our Carlton Senior Living Davis community memory care aimed to recreate the painting using a variety of craft techniques that highlighted their interpretation of the scene itself promoting the theme of "fashion." Each resident was able to contribute in some way by utilizing the craft materials that worked best for them. Some of our residents focused on creating the gold columns and archways that you see, while others helped lay down the glitter floor for foundation.   The outfits were cut out with staff assistance but the residents took on the full role of selecting which ones would be used for the scene. As an end result, a shadowbox scene was created to replicate the iconic painting.           After finishing the project showcased below in photographs, a Timeslips session was created based on the Shadowbox Scene entitled "Biff and Bill"  "Biff and Bill" Biff and Bill There are two twin brothers, Biff and Bill Wellington, and they had cousins named the Beaumont's whom lived in Georgia. Their parents, were involved in high-end real estate, and they love to go to every ball, especially since its usually put on by Biff and Bill’s parents.Their fathers name is Howard, and he well respected. They get together at these balls to find women! Biff is looking for a future wife because that’s what his parents want for him. Bill, well, he’s a bachelor!           In the northern region our Carlton Senior Living Sacramento community memory care began with a discussion series about the painting. From the first conversation arose several intriguing aspects surrounding France. Residents were fascinated with the bright colored dresses worn by the women and the flowers that adorned the walls of the ballroom. The second conversation seemed to center around French cuisine and the dining experience. Wondering what it would feel or look like to dine in Paris, one resident shared that it appeared it would look like something out of a movie scene. The walls within our Sacramento Memory Care community showcase beautiful murals that are reminiscent of France. It was from the conversations and the space that they lived in that the idea was born to create a short film entitled, "A Night in Paris." This short film was created using a multi-dimensional interpretation. To begin the residents gathered to create the props needed, flowers being the most critical component.         During the flower arrangements, Chef Vincent treated the residents and staff to freshly baked French pastries to set the tone of the "set."       Creating a walkway that resembled a Paris scene the residents painted white boards to be used.           Having built the set from the imagination of our amazing residents the filming began.....             To the left, our Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove community memory care gathered in their dining room, suggested by their resident artist spotlight, Clairece Lewis. The re-enactment led to discussions over the photographs that would be taken causing a commotion that made the residents feel like they were movie stars!     When Carlton PEOPLE magazine sat down to talk to Clairece about her most recent piece, she was not shy on the details. “I love the energy here, everyone is family even if they aren't. I wanted to paint this so the memory would last forever. From the one woman in the red dress to the handmade hats, it was amazing how inspired I was. I’ll come back every year.”             The residents at our Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill community memory care envisioned a magazine in which the theme of fashion was showcased. Dresses, hats and gloves from the 1950's era were gathered and residents received makeovers, dressing up in style for their "close-ups." Every resident was included into the magazine in one way or another. The choices of what they wore were selected by them. Copies of the magazine were purchased for each resident to have and their families to receive and enjoy.                         Below we hope you also enjoy checking out "The Ball" July 2018 Edition.                        When the residents at our Carlton Senior Living Poet's Corner memory care viewed the painting they envisioned recreating the scene. Crafting their own version of the attendees they added a special twist on the end project when they added in resident's faces on the ballroom dancers. Check out their creation!                 The last, but certainly not least creation that we are honored to share is the story that was written by our Carlton Senior Living San Jose community memory care residents. Upon viewing the painting several residents felt that it symbolized for them a reminder that they were unable to have a fancy occasion such as "The Ball" for their wedding celebration. The more they shared about this the easier it became to see their vision for the creation. They simulated their "dream wedding" complete with a sky blue ceiling, chandeliers, tables adorned with fancy flowers and beautiful dresses. Over the course of five weeks they created all aspects of the "dream wedding", truly setting the scene for the big party/wedding to come!   For the first week they created, using a tie-dye technique, a beautiful sky blue ceiling.         For the second week they hand crafted flowers to adorn the walls of their scene.           For the third week they strung beautiful beading and jewels to create a chandelier to hang in place over the fancy table.             For the fourth week they focused on hair and makeup preparations. Selecting the perfect bouquet to hold and which fancy dress they would wear to attend. Our Bride wore her original wedding dress, per her request.       Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions and content that was provided individually by the residents and staff of our memory care communities.     Read more

Resident Spotlight - Darla Bartolomei

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Darla Bartolomei - In English, the meaning of the name Darla is Darling from the Old English "dearling" a true word that best describes our very own Darla. Her upbeat and magnetic personality always brings excitement to others lives. She was born April 7, 1938, in Martinez, California to an English father and Canadian mother. Darla's father worked for Shell Oil Company for forty-two years. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom whom Darla and her sister had the best of childhood memories that kept them very happy. Darla graduated from Alhambra High School in 1956 and she worked with Shell Oil Company after graduating from high school for two years delivering company mail. In 1959, Darla started her career as a Special Education Aid teaching and helping children with special needs. She loved this career very much and considered it as the highlight of her life and career which spanned almost twenty-five years. Darla and her husband met in Martinez, California and both shared their love for traveling and visited many states in a 30-ft. trailer. They visited Canada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado to name a few. Darla is always proud to share the beauty of these places and will always keep these precious memories. When Darla retired, she continued to pursue her passion of teaching kids six to twelve years old and opened up her own tutoring business in her home. She enjoyed helping the students with their homework and school projects. In the summer Darla's dedication for teaching and helping kids continued on when she worked as assistant manager for a private campground in Calaveras County. Darla loves sports and played bocce ball for many years. She's also a Giants and Warriors fan and enjoys reading and listening to music. She has three wonderful daughters, two special son-in-laws, three grandsons and three great-grandchildren. Darla lived in Martinez for 76 years and is considered one of the pioneers of the area. When her husband passed away in 2005, she decided to stay close and found her second home here at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill in 2015. She's enjoyed her stay here from day one and finds the staff to be great people. This is the kind of living she had hoped for and is enjoying it every day. Always happy, always smiling, Darla is truly a darling! Written by Marivi Qually View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Read more

Carlton Senior Living Careers

We’re looking for inspired, exceptional candidates to be part of our legendary “culture of care.” The growing Carlton team has long-term career opportunities available in resident care, dining, housekeeping, activities, maintenance and management.

If you enjoy working with people, and are looking for a place to start or grow your career, we hope you’ll consider joining Carlton Senior Living.