Carlton Celebrates Women: Stories of Perseverance, Inspiration & Leadership

During Women’s History Month, we want to shine a light on a few of the many exceptional women at Carlton Senior Living. From those at the beginning of their careers to women who have worked their way up to leadership positions, we recognize and appreciate the impact of women within Carlton and beyond. We’re honored to share their stories of perseverance, inspiration, and leadership.

Evelyn's career with Carlton began in 1997
Evelyn’s career with Carlton began in 1997

One such woman is Evelyn Jensen, Executive Director of Carlton Senior Living Poet’s Corner. “Senior living has been my life,” says Evelyn, who began her career as waitstaff at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill – Martinez in 1997. “Having been involved at such a young age, I have learned many life lessons. Senior living is all I know and I would not change it for anything.”

Evelyn worked her way up to the position of Dining Room Manager before taking a break from her career in 2007 to become a full-time mom. Upon her return to Carlton, Evelyn worked as a Director of First Impressions and then as Care Manager at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill – Martinez. Evelyn says her experience in senior living has profoundly impacted her life, teaching her many valuable life lessons along the way. “I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with many amazing women within Carlton.”

As a Hispanic woman, Evelyn has seen a positive shift in society’s perception of women throughout her lifetime, with more opportunities becoming available for women of all backgrounds. “It has been very rewarding learning about different cultures and people. English was not my first language, and I was given the opportunity to learn to write it and speak it,” says Evelyn. “I can now embrace being bilingual.”

In 2016, Evelyn joined the Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill team. She cites Tracey Ingleman, Executive Director of Carlton’s Downtown Pleasant Hill community, as an influential woman and mentor who helped her career blossom and gave her the confidence to believe in herself. “I truly appreciate and respect Tracey and will be forever grateful for her guidance,” says Evelyn. “Not only has she supported me in my career, but she has also supported me in my personal life.” An extraordinary moment was having Tracey present to help deliver her youngest son.

When asked what advice she would give to younger generations of women or future female leaders, Evelyn stresses the importance of self-compassion, resilience, setting boundaries, and dressing appropriately. “You are worth so much more than what you look like. At the end of your life, people will remember your character, your kindness, and your compassion. Don’t wait for the end to be noticed. Make your impact now and every day.”


We’ll share more stories of perseverance, inspiration, and leadership throughout the month of March.

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