Dementia Care San Leandro Senior Man On PhoneWhen you are in need of Dementia care you will want to turn to Dementia Care San Leandro because we offer the best care possible for your family member. Here at Dementia Care San Leandro each resident gets twenty four hour care, individualized care that is tailored to their individual needs, and more one on one care than any other place can offer. We have smaller environments are specifically designed for people who suffer from Dementia related challenges. Each of our doors and hallways has cameras and alarms on them so that no one can get out or in with out our knowledge that way we our residents just do not wonder off. We offer this type of care to you because we know how stressful it can be to have a loved one with these types of problems and we want to make things less stressful for you so that you can build a relationship with your loved one once again.

We offer our residents a private courtyard so they can enjoy the sunshine just like they would if they were at home. They can go out into the courtyard and sit to read, visit with other people or do staff led activities. Which ever they choose to do out side, they will still receive the care they need.

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We have a very high staff to resident ratio. This means that the residents have more personalized care than most places offer. We assign a certain number of residents to each staff member, and then that staff member is in charge of those residents. We do not switch up staff members daily because this will impede us from giving personalize care to each resident. Each quarter we will do a clinical review with you so that the family can stay up to date on the care of their family members. During this review we will discuss the on going treatment of your loved one and our plans on making their life better while they stay with us. We want the family involved as much as possible when it comes to caring for their loved ones.

Once you place your dementia patient with us you will no longer need to worry about what type of care they will be receiving because you will know with out a doubt we offer the best there is and you will be one hundred percent satisfied with your choice of putting your family member with us.