Carlton receives Great Place to Work Certification®, Recognizing Its Dedication to Employee Fulfillment and Growth

PR.COM | June 7, 2024

Carlton Senior Living Receives Great Place To Work® Certification For The Fourth Consecutive Year

Carlton receives Great Place to Work Certification® for the Fifth Consecutive Year

This recognition highlights the organization’s steadfast dedication to nurturing a positive work environment where employees can flourish and find genuine fulfillment.

The Great Place to Work® certification process involves an anonymous survey conducted among employees to gather feedback on their experiences, job satisfaction, and perceptions of the workplace.

The survey resultsare analyzed to evaluate trust, camaraderie, and pride levels within the organization. If the company meets the criteria, it earns the certification, acknowledging its commitment to creating a positive work environment.

Carlton Senior Living Is Great Place To Work Certified 2025

According to the survey, 84% believe their work at Carlton has special meaning beyond just a job.

In addition, 84% of employees expressed pride in how Carlton contributes to the community. Moreover, 82% of employees feel a sense of pride in their professional accomplishments. Carlton Senior Living has achieved the Great Place to Work® certification due to its outstanding company culture and commitment to its employees. The organization’s core commitments, Love, Honor, and Provide, create a nurturing and supportive environment where staff members feel valued and appreciated. Many team members have been with Carlton for over 20 years, and nearly 300 staff members have been part of the Carlton family for at least six years.

Carlton’s remarkable employee longevity demonstrates the supportive culture that defines the company.

Vice President of Human Resources Amber Gustafson shared her thoughts on the recent accomplishment: “I am beyond proud of our team for embodying our core values every day and making Carlton not just a workplace but a second home. Their dedication and passion are what make this recognition possible, and it inspires us to keep striving for excellence in everything we do.

By prioritizing its employees’ well-being and creating a positive work environment, Carlton Senior Living has earned the “Great Place to Work®” certification, recognizing its commitment to creating a rewarding and fulfilling place for employees to build their careers.


Carlton’s Remarkable Employee Longevity Demonstrates The Supportive Culture That Makes It A Great Place To Work

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