elderly-husband-and-wifeAs more of our national focus is on senior care and as our population ages, it often leads to a range of confusing choices. When we start looking for care options, how do we decide what type of retirement home San Jose facility is best for our loved ones?

Choosing the right option

If your loved one is still living in their original home, without anyone to check on them regularly, you may find yourself at a turning point. Sometimes it is possible to opt for in-home care, but most realize that a retirement home is the better option.

  • Social contacts – Are there still people in the neighborhood that your loved one visits or that come to visit them? If there is no one nearby and your loved one has lost some of their mobility, chances are that they become socially isolated in their home. A retirement home would allow them far more social interaction.
  • Health – What is the current and estimated mental and physical health of your loved one? Just needing occasional help with transportation is one thing, but once it gets to the point where daily chores become a hassle/almost impossible, it might be better to look for a facility that offers help. Having staff available to look after your loved one is another benefit to a retirement home. It is important to realize that not all retirement facilities are the same, so you should pay extra attention when trying to find a new facility for your loved one.
  • Added care – Some people need more help than is possible inhouse, perhaps your loved one has diabetes, perhaps they are prone to falls. What if someone struggles with forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease? It might be necessary to plan ahead for eventual issues that may arise. If someone is no longer safe in his or her own home, it is certainly time to consider a move.

The bottom line is that it is important to be honest about evaluating your loved one’s current and future needs. Do not just follow a single recommendation (or a condemnation for that matter). Trust your instincts and look for what might be best for your loved one.

Overwhelming number of options

We understand that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to delve through the different retirement home San Jose options. That is why we have included a range of information at www.carltonseniorliving.com where you are able to compare your options and get more information about what might be a good fit for your loved one.