Senior Care FremontAging is a time of change and adaptation. If we want to continue to thrive as we get older, planning our future housing is an essential part of that. Every aging adult is different, this means that there is not one “right” senior care Fremont option for everyone.

The key here is finding the best choice that matches your financial, health, and lifestyle needs. For some this means being independent for a bit longer, for others it means moving to a facility where they are able to get all the help that they need.

Paying attention to developing needs

When you are trying to find a senior care option, it is important that you not only look at your needs right now, but also pay attention to your needs in the future. These are just three important factors that we believe you need to consider:

Physical and medical needs – We need help with our physical needs as we age, including the activities of daily living. This could mean help with eating, moving around, cooking, cleaning, and shopping. This could be because of a sudden condition (heart attack or stroke), but it could also be because of a gradual condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Social and emotional needs – Our social networks may continue to change as we grow older. Family and friends are not as close by as they were before, and neighbors that we have come to rely on pass on or move away. You may not be able to access public transportation as easily, and driving may no longer be an option. Other seniors prefer senior care Fremont options because they do not wish to become housebound and socially isolated.

Home maintenance – Your current home may be a challenge to take care of if you live alone. Tasks that we once took for granted (yard maintenance, housework etc.) may prove to become impossible. This may be indicative that it is time for a change.

Financial needs – It can be expensive to modify your home, and it is expensive to rely on long-term home care. This means that you need to evaluate your budget carefully before you make a decision. Just because staying at home sounds like the cheapest option initially, that does not necessarily make it the right option.

Professional assessment and finding a new place

If you need an assessment of what is right for you or your loved one, geriatric care managers are able to help. If you want to look at the different options that might be available to you and your loved one, be sure to visit You will not only find a careful selection of housing options, but also find information that can help you with the transition.