Carlton Embraces New Technology and Fosters a Culture of Innovation


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At Carlton, we lead by example when it comes to embracing new technology and fostering a culture of innovation.

Our proximity to Silicon Valley has presented us with exciting opportunities, but it’s our willingness and “let’s try it” attitude that drives these ideas forward. The enthusiasm for innovation and active engagement in new projects motivates everyone involved, including Carlton Senior Living residents, families and staff.

We recognize the unique benefits of using technology and collectively strive to grow in this area. Our approach encourages open dialogue, welcomes ideas from all levels of the organization, and provides the necessary resources and support for innovative initiatives.

Focusing on New Technology

One of our top priorities is emphasizing how technology can assist our industry. We aim to support our staff by streamlining processes and reducing busy work that distracts us from our ultimate goal: people caring for people. We take pride in cultivating a culture of empathy and compassion. While technology cannot provide those human characteristics, it frees our staff to spend more time fostering deep connections with our residents and their families.

We Embrace New Technology And Foster A Culture Of Innovation At Carlton Senior Living

Integrating New Systems

When introducing new technology, clear communication is paramount. We ensure that we effectively communicate how the technology will benefit both Carlton as a whole and individuals
within the organization. We highlight its potential to improve efficiency, save time, reduce costs, enhance productivity and create new opportunities. We have found that once the benefits have been communicated and understood, we are more successful in adopting new technologies.

Communication Through Training

To ensure this communication is consistent and reaches everyone in the company, we rely on continuous live training through Carlton University. This training is offered to all employees, whether newly hired or seasoned. When introducing new technology, we demonstrate how it will enhance the experiences of both residents and employees, fostering buy-in and excitement. Throughout this process, we reinforce the concept that “We are Carlton.” This means that we are all integral to the success of the company and the creation of a wonderful community for our residents. Achieving the intended impact of new technology requires the collective embrace, utilization, and positive integration by all of us at Carlton.

This ongoing training approach has been highly successful in addressing any concerns or difficulties encountered by our staff, thus strengthening the overall implementation process. It not only provides knowledge but also fosters enthusiasm among our team members.

At Carlton, We Lead By Example When It Comes To Embracing New Technology And Fostering A Culture Of Innovation.

Continuously Adapting and Improving

Given the constant evolution of technology, it is essential to continuously adapt and improve. We regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the technology we employ and make necessary adjustments. There have been instances where we discontinued less successful systems, and we value open and honest discussions with end users. We actively seek the opinions of our team members, both positive and negative, to facilitate necessary adjustments. This open dialogue empowers our team and fosters a sense of ownership over the technology, reinforcing our commitment to future innovation.

At Carlton, we are proud of our approach to embracing technology and fostering a culture of innovation. We believe that through our collective efforts, dedication to ongoing training, effective communication and openness to adaptation, we will continue to enhance the lives of our residents, support our staff, and provide an exceptional living experience for all.

Carlton’s Adopted Technologies

Some of the technologies Carlton has adopted include:

SafelyYou – An artificial intelligence-based solution for fall detection and prevention in memory care, ensuring safety and peace of mind for our residents and their families. By seamlessly monitoring and identifying potential fall incidents, SafelyYou allows us to respond promptly and provide immediate assistance.

TouchBistro – A modern tablet-based order-taking system implemented in our dining rooms, enabling our waitstaff to provide efficient and personalized service, ensuring an exceptional dining experience. With TouchBistro, our staff can seamlessly manage orders, customize preferences and ensure accurate and timely delivery, enhancing overall satisfaction and enjoyment during mealtimes.

Amazon Speak2 – Residents use voice-enabled Amazon Alexa devices that facilitate seamless communication and coordination with staff and family members, promoting efficient workflow and enhancing residents’ experience.

iPhones – Integrated into our operations, iPhones have revolutionized care tracking and improved staff productivity. They enable staff to record and access important information, such as care tracking, incidents and changes of the condition resulting in streamlined care delivery and enhanced communication.


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Taren Petros is vice president of business operations and technology for Carlton Senior Living. After graduating from UCLA she worked in the tech industry in San Francisco and used that experience to bring a fresh perspective on using technology in senior living. During her eight years at Carlton, she has piloted and successfully implemented several exciting technologies designed to help both staff and residents.