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Carlton Senior Living Blog | May 12, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

In Honor of National Nurses Week

At Carlton Senior Living we are grateful for the role of our nurses in the communities and all that they bring to our residents, their families, and our teams. In honor of National Nurses Week, our Carlton Senior Living San Jose community supports the American Nurses Association and would like to highlight their nursing team; Paige Woods and Mike Aberin.

Paige chose to work for Carlton because of the clinical environment we endorse as a company, although we are a social model of care, our Nurses role allows us to assist in clinical aspects that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to without them. In that same regard, Mike enjoys the fact that Carlton is a diverse place where every day is a different day with new possibilities. The level of comfort that exists for the residents who can receive specific clinical services without having to be transitioned to a Skilled Nursing Facility is second to none. Paige feels it is rewarding to have the opportunity to work alongside “fantastic and experienced management” who provide leadership for the nursing staff.

Paige was motivated to become a nurse by the thought of spending the majority of her time at the bedside of the residents. She enjoys learning and loves to socialize and converse with others that enjoy discussing similar interests. Being able to learn and love medicine gives her the ability to take what she knows and ensure that the residents receive the best quality of life possible. Mike became a nurse to have the ability to make a difference in the lives of others and help people.

For Paige, the best part of her job is developing the relationships with residents and their families and being able to build on those each day she comes in for her shift. For Mike, he loves everything about his job and doesn’t consider it a job because he is having the chance to help our residents and truly enjoys getting to know them.

“I really feel lucky to be working at a place like our building in San Jose. The people who live at my facility are warm, loving, funny and so caring; and it makes me so happy to be able to spend so much time with them. Carlton is the type of facility I would be comfortable sending my family to.”
~Paige Woods, LVN San Jose Carlton