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Carlton Senior Living Blog | August 5, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Millie Jacobson

Carlton Residents, Millie Jacobson & Herb Sontag

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident Millie Jacobson – Lovable Millie was born and raised in Oakland, California. She enjoyed a childhood full of games, races and sometimes movies for 10 cents if she could get the money. She remembers that in those days for only a penny she could get five pieces of candy or a hot dog for just a nickel. In junior and senior high school, Mille enjoyed going to school dances and also played the violin.

After graduation, Millie attended Armstrong Business College where the Dean helped her get her first job in the Human Resources Department of a large company next to the courthouse. During the war, she worked as a secretary at Foremost Dairy in Florida. When it was time to get married, Millie met her husband on a blind date through a friend and she remembers receiving her engagement ring by mail.

Millie Jacobson during Carlton's Car Show

Millie showing off her father’s bakery delivery truck which looked like this vintage vehicle that was on display during Carlton’s Car show.

In her younger days, Millie’s father had owned and operated a bakery in Berkeley and, at the end of the day; Millie would take the leftover bakery goods to charity. She continues to volunteer her time as she has done throughout her life and one of the ways she does this by visiting with the Memory Care residents at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill.

Millie has a deep faith and enjoys reading her Bible regularly. She has two children (one of which is a retired minister), 4 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Millie also confesses to being a huge Judge Judy fan. Throughout the community, Millie is known for her vibrant smile and positive attitude for life. She enjoys taking Carlton’s shopping shuttle to Safeway and Starbuck’s where everyone knows her. When she’s waiting to leave on an excursion, Millie says that she enjoys visiting with the other residents, like Herb Sontag (pictured above) who have many interesting stories to share.


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