Jonita DixonFull Name: Jonita Dixon
Works At: Carlton Senior Living Home Office
Year started in industry: 1991
Hometown:San Jose, CA
(408) 218-3427
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Why the senior industry:

My mother always knew early on that I would somehow be involved in the lives of seniors. It seemed every where we went I was attracted to or immediately drawn to anyone in the room with grey hair or a cane. As my mother tells the story; they too found themselves smitten with me and became my instant grandparents. Shortly after High School graduation, I found an opportunity to work in Skilled Nursing and fell in love with the world of senior healthcare all over again. I knew then I had found my career path and would never look back. This became ever so evident when I acquired my first of several rewarding positions with Intercontinental Services (Known today as Carlton Senior Living). Having the ability to serve as not only a resource for seniors and their families; but also being such an integral part of the amazing lifestyle that awaits them brings me such joy.

What you love about Carlton Senior Living:

Carlton Senior Living makes every encounter a personal experience. Being such a part of something bigger than yourself can be a life changing experience. This in and of itself is very rewarding. We understand and embrace that this decision in someone’s life (No matter when it happens) is not an easy one to make. The lifestyle offered by Carlton Senior Living is unparrelled in the industry and we believe it is our staff that makes the difference in the total experience.

Hobbies or interest:

In my spare time I enjoy reading, biking, music appreciation, scrapbooking/Arts and Crafts, and playing the guitar. I am most at peace and happiest when spending time with loved ones while creating new memories to add to the scrapbook pages.

Special note or message:

I look forward to meeting your parents.

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