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Senior News, Science & Technology | November 28, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Have YOU tried Dakim BrainFitness?

Dakim BrainFitness is designed for everyone-from those that are sharp as tacks to individuals with mild cognitive impairment and even those with moderate dementia. And the Dakim BrainFitness System self-adjusts the level of difficulty to match each individual’s ability, so it’s always challenging and engaging for each and every user, each and every time. Since new content is downloaded regularly, Dakim’s “gameologists” are at work night and day developing new and unique exercises. Carlton Senior Living is proud to offer Dakim’s BrainFitness program throughout our communities and we encourage everyone to give Dakim a try. Each session only takes about 20 minutes and residents, family members and our associates agree that Dakim BrainFitness is a lot of fun..

There are currently over 125 different types of games available. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Famous People, Little Known Facts. Have fun, learn secrets about celebrities like James Cagney and
Walter Cronkite while exercising short-term memory.

Name That Song. This exercise is literally a trip down memory lane. Everyone has fun hearing
old favorites while exercising short-term memory.

Aunt Mazie’s Minute Math. Arithmetic was never this entertaining. This exercise strengthens the calculating part of the brain in a lightning round accompanied by the Minute Waltz—which Aunt Mazie is quick to point out is actually a minute and one-half.

Scrambled Letters. The language center of the brain is challenged in an
exercise that’s a favorite among those who love word games.

Phoenician Decoder. Exercises, Language, Short-Term Memory and Critical Thinking in a fun game that will remind you of the days when you had to send in two box-tops and 25¢ to get your own decoder ring.

What’s Different? Helps improve visuospatial cognition. Users have to find a unique image among many very similar images.

Dakim BrainFitness is easy for anyone to use and can even be used with a friend. And while the program is very entertaining and enjoyable, it gives each user a rigorous and thorough cognitive workout in six cognitive domains (long-term memory, short-term memory, language, computation, visuospatial orientation and critical thinking.) That’s why we say Dakim BrainFitness is grounded in science, based on fun. And Dakim BrainFitness is so enjoyable that seniors look forward to their next session.

Ready to get started? Let your Personal Expressions or Programming team in your Carlton community know. You can also try Dakim’s BrainFitness Active which is designed for Adults 50+: Try for free right now!