• Thank you all for taking such good care of our mother.

    on Location: San Jose
    by R.V

    We would like to thank you all for taking such good care of our mother. She received such great care that she has out lived her money, without your staff we would not have been blessed to have her this long. But because she has out lived her finances we regret having to move her out. We have another family member that will be staying behind here at the Carlton and the only way for that to happen is for Mother move with us, which will give us more quality of time to spend with her. Again we can't thank the staff enough for all the personal care and loving touch they've shown our mother (family). We would like to thank Jay who came up with a great offer but it was still far out of budget for both mother and our brother to stay on at Carlton. So we decided that he's younger and is in need of the great care he's getting here at the Carlton. We could not have found a better place for the awesome care they've gotten here at Carlton. Because when out family members move in you become our family too and that was the awesome part of them living here. Thank You! Read more »

  • My Father loves it here at the Carlton.

    on Location: San Jose
    by P.B.

    Thank You for all the help from the begging to present. My Father loves it here at the Carlton. He loved Mander and his awesome staff, he loved all the activities like Ken Sosa, dancing until he could no long dance, singing, and most of all bingo just to name a few. He adored Patricia for the sunshine in her smile that warms all of your residents hearts. So you Jay I say hats off to you and wonderful and caring staff. I had to make a very hard decision to make in the moving of dad, he did not want to go but I need to do what was best for him and his heath. Again this was by far the most wonderful thing that I could have done for my Father and that was bring him to the Carlton Senior Living San Jose he has lived such a rich live at he age of 100 years and few months. We'll miss the Carlton Read more »

  • Dear Carlton Senior Living Team

    on Location: San Jose
    by D. Baker

    I want to thank you all for your great support of my mother, Betty Baker, during her time at Carlton Senior Living. You indeed provided a safe, loving, and supportive environment for her and helped her navigate the difficult last days of her life. I was very thankful for your words of support, for your cards, for the flowers at the funeral, and for Pat's presence. They were very comforting to my family and me.

    Please extend a special thanks to Michael and Vianca for all their assistance with her medical needs, and to Pilar for her loving support of mom when she needed it most.

    I always felt most welcome when I visited, appreciated the professionalism exhibited in the management of her care programs and the programming that Mandar provided to lighten her days.

    This has been a difficult time for our family, losing both a mother and a sister in such a short interval. But you all assisted me in getting through this. Read more »

  • My Dad really loved it here at Carlton

    on Location: San Jose
    by M.A.

    My Dad really loved it here at Carlton it gave him a new journey for his life at the age of 98 when he came reside here and his journey end at 100 years and 4 months. He loved the chats with the guys at his table, when anyone of them wasn't there he would always inquire about them. Thank you Carlton Staff for the wonderful care and love he received. The party you gave for his 100th birthday was one of the greatest gifts given him, the smile on his face will forever be a joyous memory for me. Being able to draw the pictures of the Staff and residents give his great joy. He loved being able to capture the moment in there people faces! I thank you for allowing him to care out his life's long hobby. Forever Grateful Read more »

  • Our Mother Mary had the best quality of life and care

    on Location: San Jose
    by L.P

    Our Mother Mary had the best quality of life and care here at the Carlton San Jose. You have such wonderful caring Staff who take the time to understand the residents and their needs. And they are not just there for the resident but for us as family member as well. To be a Caregiver you must be willing to put your self on the side which is what Carlton Team does. We toured many places before deciding what would be a safe health environment for mother and this was by far the best place we found. Thank You to an Awesome Team of Carlton Senior Living San Jose. Read more »

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