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Resident Focus | February 24, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Bud & Beverly’s Secret to Love

Bud & Beverly Prohaska
Established 1951

“In golf as in life it is the follow through that makes the difference.” –Anonymous

It all began in Eagle Rock, Southern California during elementary school. Although, Beverly and Bud met in kindergarten and even attended the same church, they never dated while in school.

It was hardly love at first sight since after school Beverly didn’t see Bud while he was away in the Coast Guard. She remembers seeing him for the first time when he returned and that he had grown into such a handsome man! She remembers him driving in his brand new 1951 convertible which caught her eye!

On their first date they traveled to Lake Arrowhead where they went water skiing. She knew by how sweet he was that he would be the one for her! It has been too many years to recall who said I love you first but it certainly blossomed into an amazing love story.

It is quite shocking to know that Bud never actually proposed to Beverly formally yet they both knew it was right and were married in Glendale, California at a Methodist Church in 1951. They recall their first dance to be to something big band, a genre they both loved and enjoyed.

Bud has changed Beverly’s life in a thousand ways! From the financial security he worked hard to provide with his pension to the amazing history they have together and the fantastic family they raised and have seen grow. In Bud’s words “she’s perfect.”

Their secret to a lasting marriage has been by remaining respectful of one another and ensuring that the time they spend together is fun and focused on projects and traveling.
According to Bud it is important that in order to remain in a lasting marriage you “don’t get divorced.”

They have always enjoyed the same things according to Beverly and mutually they feel that,
“people that golf together stay together!”